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both have handsome male leads that are princes.
the second male lead is also handsome.
both have similar story story lines in ice lands and ice fantasy has many interesting side stories
Recommended by Chipo
I think they should let yan da have her good moment and get some sort of love scene or at least make yan da and shi kiss and let them two realise the love they have between them
Recommended by The gord
Both dramas are set in mystical worlds. The relationship between the lead couple are very similar. Both have open endings.
Recommended by Abzzski
I have a historical addiction. If The legend is my best kdrama, then Ice fantasy is best C-drama in my drama life.

- Big budget drama in history.
- Love long WHITE haired characters.
- Great ost, mesmeraizing background music.
- immortal /Gods.
- Same type of adventures.
- Strong female lead.
- Quest for same kind of power relics and ice crystals.
- Trajic ending of favourite characters.
- Lack of extreme romance, that's why I find both similar, and love both in my ways. (I really miss romance between ying kong shi- Yan da, but like their sweet-sour friendship )
- Annoying villain, I wanted to kill them for god's sake.

Overall both are worth watching. Happy watching.
Recommended by AngelRu
- Fantasy
- Good budget dramas
- Strong female leads
- Beautiful visuals
- Both share the reborn / revive theme
- Unconditional / forbidden / one sided love
- Sympathetic and interesting characters
- Beautiful costumes
- Hot leads
- Memory loss
- Great OST (though Ice fantasy's ost is slightly better)
- Lots of characters and character development
- Action takes place in multiple realms
- Multiple clans
- Multiple arcs / trials
- Tragedy
Recommended by blabla100
The feeling of these two are kinda similar. The protagonists have Ice Magic and are drown to a war that they dont want to fight. Some aspects of the two main male leads are similar, with one who grows over time in contrast with the one who are powerful since the beginning.

Even the female leads are kinda similar.
Recommended by YanFaisal
Same actress but different character.
Ice Fantasy's based on brotherly love and respect, while it lacks a lot in love "story".
Ice fantasy is darker than A Lifetime Love, but they do match, cuz of the humor.
If you wanna watch ICE FANTASY .... skip first 4-5 eps ... cuz the 3D background sucks in the WAR scenes ...
Recommended by DraganaJovanovic
Feng shao feng is totally in this one. He is the best . This drama , he play the kind heart and long for freedom ice prince ( kasou)'
Recommended by Norachansocheata
even though I remember you doesn't have supernatural/wuxia kind of genre, i like the feeling of brotherly love of the main male lead to their brother of this both drama.
Ice Fantasy is from China and
I Remember You is from south korea try to watch both drama you'll like it
Recommended by keifferodartseam