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The Princess Wei Young



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The Princess Wei Young (2016)

Both drama, set in historical period, have a beautiful and interesting
plot based on the protagonist's revenge.
The female protagonists are both strong, smart and skillful.
Both drama have a lot of episodes but they are very exiting and never boring.
Princess Wei Young are better in costumes clothing and filming.
Recommended by Alessandra
both have a beautiful love story..both leads are enemies at first before falling in love...both highly recommended!!!
Recommended by Hana
both have a strong male and female lead who fight for justice.
ok nyeo didn't know she's a princess until she discover the truth while wei young hide the truth that she's a princess..
this dramas are the kind of when you start watching you cant stop but to continue till the end
Recommended by keifferodartseam
Tiffany Tang Yang is the main female character in this drama as well. She's fun and kindhearted but circumstances cause her to become guarded. Hawick Lau is the male lead in the drama as well and okays his role very well!
Recommended by Meggie Chen
Helmed by the same director. The focus is on a strong heroine who has brains and beauty but started off in a poor social position. Using her intelligence and cunning both heroines outwit their rivals and rise steadily within the palace to a position of power. They are realistic but never cruel.
Recommended by sharreb
7.7 Agent X (2013)
Tang yang and Luo jing are both main actors.both is when they first meet and fall in love.And they both end up ****
Recommended by Angela
Both have intelligent female lead and male lead as the eldest grandson of the royal family (show the process of how they manage to become the emperor in the future). Both female lead have misunderstanding about the male lead at first. Both couples have a rather similar ending (watch to know more).
Recommended by loveanimeever
In both dramas lead actor is Tiffany Tang, who acts a serious but easy going/fun loving person. The dramas' story are similar because main character (acted by a Tiffany Tang) uses someone else's name to go to a family either to find someone or take revenge. Both drama are really strict to the point but with a twist of Tiffany Tang's character's humor. Which allows both dramas to be suspenseful in a good way. Tiffany Tang's historical dramas takes creativity and romance to another level.
Recommended by LinLi
Both have good leading character female leads . Also revolves around both leads love triangle but end up making sacrifices for the nation. They are yet similar but different at the same time and have a very different story line. Where The Princess Wei Young revolves around mainly 1 dynasty where as Princess Jieyou revolves around alliances with neighboring countries/dynasties .
Recommended by Mohammed Patla
Both female leads are very smart and strategic
Both about princesses, however one is one seeking revenge while one does not know her true heritage
Recommended by coming_dreams
The romance of the these two dramas are really similar; enemies fall in love with the same girl. Both female leads are smart and can help the male leads become the next king.
Recommended by CindyLee
Both dramas have a similar setting/Period they play in. Both female leads aren't push over and seek revenge on the country that destroyed theirs and the enemy that appearantly killed their loved once but evetually both female leads fall in love with the royal of the enemy country and become concubines now dealing with the jealousy and intrigues of the Harem/court.
Recommended by Kristana
They are both period dramas with lovely misunderstandings and heartbreaks that will make you cry and afterwards you will be wandering around to find a drama to replace this one!
Recommended by Hira
both of the dramas are similar as the are period drama. The story line is different but each has it unique features.
Recommended by Moka
The plot is quite similar. It is about a girl who was a princess, but her family was betrayed and defamed. She acquires the identity of someone else and makes her way into the palace to try and clear the name of her people. She meets the crown prince and falls in love with him. They go through many trials to be together. While there is no cross dressing it might be a drama many who like Love in the Moonlight would enjoy.
Recommended by insoles