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The Village: Achiara's Secret (2015)

The Village: Achiara's Secret Episode 4

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May 17, 2017

episode 4 spoilers ahead!

Spoilers Ahead!

1.So Yoon finds Yoo Na's phone. She knows the meeting place and smacks the transvestite in the head with a shovel. Then police arrive and he is arrested. The girls also go with the police and Ga Yeong explains to the officers that she knew he was the murder because a few months back a few teens beat him up (you know, for being different) and that was when the guy said he killed a woman.

2.Shockingly, Ga Yeong wants reward money to reveal this information! So Yoon challenges Ga Yeong's reasons for being at the shed (she was there because Yoo Na was frightened) and implicates that perhaps she was there because Yoo Na got her a job. However Yoo Na refuses to cooperate and backs Ga Yeong up. The mothers arrive and a strange look of recognition passes over their faces before they go inside. They go home, one in a stately car, the other fighting as they walk down the street and Ji Sook warns her daughter to stay away from a troublesome girl like her...

3.On her way back from the station, Yoo Na accuses her mother of liking the fact/being happy that Hyo Jin is dead. Her mother tells her that her father has gone to bed with half the women in the town and it would be silly of her to be upset over her. She yells at her that she doesn't know anything. She doesn't care that Hyo Jin is dead, is happy the truth is out but then she has a vision of Hyo Jin slapping on her window, almost in fear, begging for help it seems, and she almost crashes their car but they make it through...

4.Meanwhile, the Yong Lady is Kang Pil Song, a stock broker by day (he trades on his computer) with two arrests for indecent exposure. He is arrested (I think it is interesting how Officer Park learns about the police process; a smart way to educate the audience without being annoying; I also think he can be moronic because he told both the moms that the body is indeed Hyo Jin's (both claim they barely knew her...odd) and that she was likely murdered) However, Song is released because he has a solid alibi. He was hospitalized at the time Hyo Jin went missing for two whole months, due to a car accident.

5.Because the serial killer strikes again, this time in their province (a change in his pattern) (sixth victim) all the officers are being used on this case so the smaller station is allowed to handle the investigation of Hyo Jin (much to Officer Park's delight).

6.Meanwhile, Ji Sook visits her sister, Jo Hee, the pharmacist. Jo Hee casually says that she doesn't think that the guy they caught is the serial killer because it is too easy. This triggers Ji Sook who states if being murdered by a strange man isn't hard, then what is? Jo Hee says she seems rather worried, that she must be happy the other girl is dead, but thinks it is too convenient since someone wanted Hyo Jin dead (the plot thickens....). Ji Sook takes this personally and accuses her sister of not being grateful for the easy life she has helped her have and also accuses her of hating Hyo Jin (I thought she was her best friend?) Jo Hee doesn't deny this but adds that Hyo Jin would not die that easily and both basically accuse the other of not grieving over her death. Also, Jo Hee says she looks like she is worried about something....

7.Officer Park makes the call to Hyo Jin's mother, tells her that her daughter is dead, and then afterwards remarks on how freaky/weird this situation is. How strange that in a small town where nothing happens no one seems to care that a woman just disappeared and people seem to want to distance themselves as far as possible from Hyo Jin. He gets the warrant to confiscate and go through her belongings and we learn that he still cannot find her ID/laptop/credit cards.

8.Throughout all of this (and I will skip over things just so this makes more sense) So Yoon searches for clues about her sister, Jung. She learns that her sister likely wound up at an orphanage due to an error at the welfare office (that is one hell of an error). She also learns she has an aunt, through her father, but because she is not directly related she can't have her info. Ji Hyun helps her (also, I find him very odd. he just happened to be passing by her bus stop, at night, when she returned? why the heck was he taking a stroll so late? dressed entirely in black?). We learn her sister was at an orphanage where she had run away from multiple times. She sent So Yoon letters for years but she never received them. It drove her crazy. She wouldn't eat or sleep she would wait for a reply. Then , she pieced some things together and learned that perhaps her grandmother only took her because she was a blood relation. Yes. Her sister was ADOPTED. She later meets her aunt who confirms that her parents were unable to conceive for many years and adopted her. Because of this, her elder sister wanted to find her real birth mother. No one really knows why her grandmother kept them separated.

9.Meanwhile, Officer Park visits the 'Young Lady' as he is referred to. He brings beer and chicken and asks questions. He learns that 1)he enjoys to dress up as a woman because he likes the look of terror on girls who see him and run away; he thinks it is cute 2)he met Hyo Jin one night and she did not run away in fear. She stared at him long and hard and this became the most embarrassing moment of his life. he ran from her, and become interested in her. he thought she was special. thus he took the photos.

10.Meanwhile, the assemblyman is trying hard to squash this murder case so it does not interfere with his plans. He wants the captain to close the case and rule it an accident. But because Officer Park's presentation shows that it was likely a murder because 1)there is no signs of a robbery 2)key evidence is missing like her computer, id, credit cards 3)she showed no signs of leaving the area and even bought pets the day she went missing. They have 1 week to come up with additional evidence or it will be closed.

11.Ga Jeong meets Teacher Nam while he is painting. She essentially tells him she is dropping out for her new job and we learn what happened the night she got into that car. He was in the car, and he put his hand on her leg. It seemed sexual. But really he wanted to know about her strawberry shaped birthmark on her leg. She tells him she finds this really interesting, because no one knows about that except her mother, her friends, and herself and teacher Hyo Jin. Nam seems uneasy until she asks him if he was in love with her....

12.Meanwhile, Officer Park itemizes every item she wore in the photos (So Yoon told him that the photographer must really like her because the photos seem too personal) and he concludes that these were taken three days in a row. he returns to the young lady, with chicken, and reveals his findings. Song tells him that truthfully, that night he encountered Hyo Jin, she said to him 'How would your mother feel, seeing you like this' and those were powerful words (FYI he is moving away and plans on seeking treatment). He liked her, he said, because there was no trace of mockery just genuine concern. So he began to photograph her. He said it looked like she was waiting for someone. He stopped because he left to go to visit his family and had his accident (which means he was probably the last person to see her alive) which Park tells him--and then he reveals something else--he has FILM footage of the last day! And a man comes to visit her, based on his back and attire it is a young man, and as he turns, it looks a lot like Teacher Nam....!

Comments: I am not very clear about Korea's view on men who dress in women's clothing but from what I know it is actually very common for men who are interested only in women to wear women's clothing (most people who are transvestites report being interested in women) and I don't use the word 'cross dresser' because I learned it can be offensive to others. But it would reflect the show and people being uncomfortable with someone different, so it is likely accurate.

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