Missing 9 Episode 1

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  • Aired: January 18, 2017


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Jan 26, 2017

Very promising start.

Even though I'm a bit tired of the trope of having the "end" at the beginning and then flashback to events it does set the story up well. Creating a mystery of whether or not there is one survivor. Then flashback so that we can meet everyone else. Of course making us agonize as to whether or not any of them make it to the end.

I like the idea of this mystery between the idols and what went on on in the past before they made it big. Also, the idea of Jun Oh as disgraced idol who just keeps clinging on. The scene where he tried to mooch off of everyone else's fame is hilarious. Yet sad.

The first episode clearly promises smart cinematography. Tons of lovely shots to be found, especially the crash. It's a decent setup, but it bounces around just a little too much. Not to mention that I don't think a special task force "police" can tell the victim that they're an inconvenience and bully them like that. Pretty sure the girl would have someone else in the room on her side at the very least. Not to mention immedidatly putting her on another plain and then telling her that they "kind of looked, but stopped due to money which they'll unconventionally have to start the search up again."

Crazy. I"m curious to find out who will survive the crash and how the story will progress. Personally I want Bong Hee to come into her own and show them all what "real strength" is. (AKA please let this girl have survival skills! Please!!) Like she might not be the best stylist, but she knows how to deal with hardship.

Anywho, I have hopes for this drama and this is a pretty solid start.

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