Missing 9 Episode 16

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Mar 10, 2017

I had to sit on this ending for a while.

I had to sit on this ending for a while. Because it ticked me off that bad. I thought if I cooled down I'd find something that I liked enough to forgive how this drama just gave up.


So this drama that did so great at developing its cast, then decided to just turn them into happy go luck stereotypes in the final episodes. Why is this important. Because killer Tae Ho somehow escapes jail and happily paints with his "friends" at the end. Despite the fact that he accidentally may have not killed one person, but assuredly killed 4 others. (Yes, the pilot was dying and it was a mercy kill.)

I know this writer tends to make off choices for the stories or huge plot holes, but this was an utter disappointment. I can not believe that 9 episodes of build up and promise . . . led to this. Ugh.

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