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Both couples get married while drunk and eventually fall in love
Recommended by seoparkang
A Sex and the city feeling, presenting women in their 30s and their daily lives. Different characters and situations but quite similar when it comes to finding the right partner.
Recommended by claudya87
if you're into drama with women power , and dramas that focus on women in their 30's and their problems, you should try watch OMHE and DJS.
the story is different but they have the same vibe.
Recommended by Saja
Both female leads are once in a popular girl band. The female lead in The Greatest Love is still in the entertainment industry whereas the female lead in One More Happy Ending has fade out from the entertainment industry.
Recommended by YunYee
Both male leads have a child from a previous relationship. You don't see as much of the relationship in OMHE as you do in O!ML.
Recommended by oppalover87
About the life of former idol they fare after they're not in the spotlight anymore.
Recommended by claudya87
Both main leads are long-time friends, however in OMHE they lost in touch but reunited in the end. Both great rom-com, handsome strong male lead yet very charming and lovable. Female lead is strong yet damsel-in-distress like.
Recommended by harumasgirl
Age of youth is like a younger version of One More Happy Ending. Age of Youth 1 and 2 is college-age as compared to the 30s leads in One More Happy Ending.

But it has the same feel of having strong female camaraderie. Both the series have cast members with great chemistry with each other. In each of the series the characters deal with their own hardships but come together as a group that have each other's back. AoY deals with blooming romance, heartache and adulting problems while OMHE has mature conflicts like divorce, single parenting and remarriage.
Recommended by saichan
Both drama are about divorcees ending up with each other. One More Happy Ending has a ton of divorced characters, but in Emergency Couple, I believe it was just the main couple.
Recommended by Weirdestone
Both dramas tell the story of four close friends and what it means to live through love, family, success, and failure. I definitely enjoy and would rather watch female empowerment, but GD also had strong male characters and stories.
Recommended by swtzel
I think they are similar In a way . couples who have issues like divorce, affairs, fights ,marriage, kids and many real stuff, how they are dealing with them. How they are trying to save their relationship. How they should move on . Well i enjoyed both. They were refreshing and funny. Hope you like them :)
Recommended by Banada6
Same sort of feel with an outlandish but relatable female lead. Loved every minute of both.
Recommended by serap
Is the same main actress, but on a role totally diferent , the story is very good and the romance of the main couple is wonderfully perfect, I venture to say that is my favorite Kdrama, the couple makes me want to have a relationship, it's worth every minute.
Recommended by Clara Almeida