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Hi! I'm Weirdestone!!! I've started watching drama since May 17 of 2012. The first drama I watched was Gokusen. I really loved the manga and the anime, so I thought: Why not watch the drama adaptation also? So I gave it a try and REALLY LOVED IT!!! :D 

I used to be Manga crazy, reading manga online practically everyday because I basically have no life. (<-- This was my life in middle school, starting at 7th grade). The first manga I read was recommended by my friend: Beauty Pop. I then found out that I could read manga online, so that's what I did, rather than check out manga at the library. Eventually, I got tired of flipping through the pages and reading them. And ran out of manga's with strong girls in them. So I lost interest. (I LOVE ALL manga, anime, Asian drama with girls that know how to fight, and basically kick ass. ^_^) 

So then, another friend recommended me to watch Blood+ because I asked her if she knows any good drama with girls that know how to fight. She didn't, so she recommended me Blood+ the anime. Then I got addicted to anime and watched only anime about a girl that knows how to fight. And same as the running out of manga problem, I ran out of good anime to watch. I was bored... yet... again. I then found out about asian drama. So here I am now.. a drama freak.. xD

I started reading manga in December of 2010.
Started watching anime somewhere in 2011.
As you can see, I have no life... After I run out of drama to watch..  . I dunno what I'll do.. .-. But for now, I guess I'll just enjoy drama.

Oh and I also LOVE K-variety shows!!!!! RUNNING MAN IS THE BEST VARIETY SHOW EVA!!!! :D Started watching it because I saw it on youtube, and and saw that some kpop singers/Korean actors I've seen before were on it, so I thought, why not, and that's how I got into Running Man! :D I've watched ALLL the episodes starting from ep 1 b/c of how funny and AMAZINGly fun the show is!

UPDATE Feb 2016: For a couple years, been going back and forth and all over the place w/ manga, anime, Asian drama. I usually just watch Korean drama, but now, trying more Chinese drama(to practice Chinese cuz I'm Chinese, but don't speak it at home.) and watched my first Jap. drama recently too. x)

I used to hate reading/watching ANYTHING related to school life, but for some reason, I just LOVE school drama, anime, and manga now!!! IT'S one of THE BeSt genres ever!!!! :D

I Also LOVE LOVE LOVE KPOP! Started getting into kpop after listening to Exo's Wolf in December 2013!! My favorite groups are: BTS, EXO, Infinite, VIXX, and EXID. :)


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