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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12

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  • Aired: October 03, 2016

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 Reviews

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Oct 6, 2016


Eu ñ acredito como 8ºprincipe Wang Wook tratou Hae Soo ele ñ é um homem, mais á atitude do 4ºprincipe Wang So foi incrível com á Hae Soo, ele provou que ele é fiel e leal sobre as sua palavras e atitudes,nunca abodona Hae Soo sempre está a lado dela , até dentou ajuda ela fala com o pai dele, msm que o rei ñ gostando dela ele o enfrentou, o mais incrível foi o outro casais que estão ser formando, principe 13° Wang Yoo este ser apaixonando pela mulher quer vai marta o rei e o príncipe 10º Wang Hyun ele mau trada a mulher dele mais ele esta começando a gosta dela este casais estao fofos *_*
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Oct 5, 2016

Oh, Soo...

She still feeling fear even after one year. But she lived a lot of horror things so she can't trust in nobody in the palace, even if they are good people.

And Wook really love her, but like he said, he is useless in this momento, only when he take action in the war is going to be have power.

I love the fourth prince, he became in a good man for her, but I feel sorry for the eighth prince, he know the danger, he tries help her, but his family matter too.
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Oct 4, 2016

Guys, it really bothers me.

Okay, it really bothers me that after all that has happened that she still fears So and still hero worships Wook. How about the guy who has constantly honored his word? Who has proven himself by taking action? Hmmmm?

Nothing has been confirmed about her "vision" actually being a vision. She just thought the worst of So.

The political intrigue of this drama was pretty awesome. The time jump was a little risky, but it transitioned well. Wook has truly become despicable. It didn't take much to push him that way. I'm really nervous about Jeong (14th Prince), the 3rd Prince is obvious in his evil. Wook is the snake in the grass and I'm afraid Jeong won't see him before he strikes.

I was a bit disappointed with what is happening with 13th Prince and Woo Hee. I do love a tragic love story though. 10th Prince and his Bear Bride are so cute! Ah.

Overall a pretty solid episode. I'm very intrigued by the idea that Prince's are already dying/being killed off. Very exciting. (But even my blood thirsty side is really nervous about whom will die! What can I say, I've become fond of my man candy and don't want to see them die!) Guess I won't be getting to see the punch from Soo that Wook has coming. I think she needs to have some sense punched into her. Though I don't agree with the King. First off he didn't hide her far or well, and thus being out of reach would mean the Princes couldn't spy on her.

Basically the King is gonna play games until the bitter end to setup the blood bath that is going to ensue. If Soo was smart she'd realize that history (much like the news) probably doesn't actually follow the stories we know/are given. Just saying.

Can't wait for the next episode. (May it have less of Soo pining after Wook. He's evil.)

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Oct 3, 2016

One year has passed and Wook now remembered…

One year has passed and Wook now remembered to visit Soo :/ I cant hate Wook but I feel pity for him and he has become very dangerous.

Wang So return more stronger and determined <3 even suggested to marry Soo "Marry me. If you don’t like me divorce me once we’re out. I will do that for you." <3 He become so sweet talker.
The fight between Wook and So is coming and I can't wait :D
My last words were ...why why Baek Ah :'(
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