Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo



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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

For all those who were excited for this and had high expectations for this drama but was ultimately disappointed, go watch the original Chinese drama!! I don't want to spoil things so I won't describe how that one is so much better! But yes, please go and try to watch that!
Recommended by tequilaloo029
8.2 Faith (2012)
Both female leads are sent back in time. Although there are huge plot difference between the two dramas, they share a similar sense of direction. They both start very light-heartedly and joyful only to go down a much deeper path with an emotional twist. However, the time travel aspect is a heavier story element in Faith than it is in Moon Lovers, but still, Moon Lovers is pretty entertaining without having to surround its' plot around time travelling.
Recommended by MistyMaid
Both are historical dramas. Both have very intense romances between the leads. Both are tragic dramas. Highly recommend both, as long as you're prepared for the tears.
Recommended by T0P
Both are historical dramas. Both have very intense romances between the leads. Lots of murder and tragedy in both dramas. Highly recommend both, as long as you're prepared for the tears.
Recommended by T0P
8.0 Hwarang (2016)
Both drama's are Time Period dramas. Both have an evil Queen. In SHR the Queen is more evil, whereas in Hwarang the Queen is more neglectful.
Recommended by Halsyeon
brothers fighting each other to become the next Crown Prince...
male leads falling for the "odd yet charming" female lead...
Wang So in both dramas are excellent fighters and were raised apart from the rest of the "family"...
Recommended by TheDramaFiend
Its another version of Bu Bu Jing Xin which was produced earlier than Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It was a movie shortened compared to the C-drama or K-Drama.
Recommended by Aza
Both involve a female protagonist travelling back in time. They also become involved with important historical figures of that time and contribute in politics/strategies using their knowledge from the future.
Splash Splash LOVE is definitely a lot shorter, but it's worth a watch if you want something quick and succinct.
Recommended by JS30031993
Both tell a story about founding a kingdom. Moon Lovers is based on the beginning of the Goryeo dynasty while Six Flying dragons is based on the foundation of the Joseon dynasty.

Both dramas have a similar vibe to them, be it the plot or the acting. Both dramas will make you smile and cry a lot. The music & cinematography in both dramas is also superb.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
Nous avons une femme du monde moderne qui se retrouve coincée dans le corps d'une autre, et qui cherche à retourner dans sa propre époque.
- elle doit s'adapter à l'époque,
- elle doit faire face aux sentiments de deux hommes,
- elle a un caractère complètement différent,

On pourrait dire que ''The Eternal Love'' est un mélange entre ''Oh My Ghost'', ''Splash Splash Love'' et ''Moon Lovers''...
Recommended by WODP
Both have time travel and romance. Both are great dramas and On Dal reminds me of Wang So, a little bit.
Recommended by Lulu
One of the main leads in both dramas travel back in time by falling into water, but Go Princess Go puts an extra twist to the concept with it being a guy waking up in a girls body, which kinda adds another dimension to the ensuring love story. However, neither lead seems to be overly concerned to have traveled in time and neither tries to intentionally (yet) change any course of action in history (such as e.g. Faith) while being perceived as a bit weird/too freely spoken by the other characters. Moon Lovers is more visually stunning while Go Princess Go relies on some sassy comedy.

Both dramas incorporate modern elements, Moon Lovers seems to be big on modern themed music while Go Princess Go tries its hand on more visual and modernized outfits & settings.
Recommended by ayacherry
The King in both dramas are fictionalized real figures. They are both regarded as ruthless kings but beyond that they've contributed a lot for the countries.
Recommended by aquamarie
This drama is a Historical drama and it's also starring Lee Joon-gi as the 4th Prince Wang So.
Recommended by Jojo
Both take place in Goryeo and have a love story. Hong Jong Hyun plays a main charater in both. In SHR, he plays an evil brother plotting to take the throne. TKL, he plays Crown Prince's best friend. The locations in both shows are extremely beautiful. Lee Joon Gi and Siwan's characters fall in love with the female leads who care for them. Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yoona's characters go through many hardships.
Recommended by scarletlover1