Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15

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  • Aired: October 11, 2016

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Nov 16, 2016

So sweet, now something tragic will happen.

The 10th Prince and his Bear Bride have such amazing time here. I'm very saddened that it's all likely going to go bad.

I'm also wondering why even after the pep talk from Bear Bride why she still won't fully trust So? Or maybe the letter had a plan? I also like that allude to the fact that the future has changed. Even with Soo deciding not to affect it. So why doesn't she try to actively do it now?

This was a very moving episode and I like seeing all the gears going seamlessly. You have to admire how well Wook is as a dastardly villain. He knew I'd think he was such a charming prince to a villainess one! Well done. Wook's sister is also playing the game well. I have to give her points, even though I'd like nothing more than to off her.

It was also a treat to see So, Moo, and the Astronomer together like that. It was wonderful to see them happy even knowing the tragedy that awaits. The time is coming for more Princes to die. It's so heart breaking when most of them are really great. Though I'm still waiting for 9th Prince to come out and truly strike. He might seem like the used and stupid, but he's working everyone. Even the great Wook.

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Oct 11, 2016

Five Stars

I liked watching Moo, So and astronomer at young age and to see that their relationship was very deep and long especially between astronomer and crown prince :'(
Wook advised Yo to use HaeSoo ??? :O (o.o) whatever he says now it just disgust me :( or he has a big plan or he has become blind and can't see his stupidity.
Princess Yeon Hwa deserved what she got from Yo but I didn't thought she will become worse than Cersei from Game of thrones (o.o)
It was very touching seeing 10th prince with his wife becoming closer <3
I am afraid for the loving development of 14th prince for Soo :/ its not good sign :(
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Giovanna Guevara Mello
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Oct 10, 2016

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