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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9

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  • Aired: September 20, 2016

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Reviews

Giovanna Guevara Mello
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Oct 9, 2016

Five Stars

A Soo tá sendo trouxa, por não querer ficar com o 4 príncipe, que raiva. Só eu acho ele bonito kkkkk
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Sep 27, 2016


Sei que Soo era pra fica com o 4°príncipe deis do começo, mais o 8 ° principe também gosta dela , mais ela esta divide , pois pode acontece que o 4º príncipe marte seu irmão, mais acho que ela vai conseguir impedi isso ocorra, ser ela não fica com ele com certeza ele não ira muda..Boa sorte Soo
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Sep 25, 2016

Cagaram o beijo

Francamente esse beijo me deu náuseas. Coreanos novamente com essa temática da garota beijada a força que depois gosta. Por favor né? Ela estava tendo um ataque de pânico praticamente, tão nervosa que precisou sair do quarto no meio da noite.
Detestei completamente, o 8° príncipe jamais faria algo como isso.
A cena do casamento foi bem interessante, apesar do corte ter sido muito rápido, e realmente o comportamento do 10º foi bem imaturo, vendo pelo lado de que como homem ele é que domina a relação, mas é bem a cara dele. A rejeição da Soo foi realmente dolorosa.
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Sep 22, 2016

What can I do?

Finally, I was expecting a kiss since the first espisode, but... by the force? I'm sure that So won't kill his brothers, so I don't know why Soo is seein that things!

And Wook is really thinking in kill So?

This is a big DRAMA, and I love it :)
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Sep 21, 2016

Holy drama. I am so conflicted about that kiss. Hae Soo for shame. -_-

Holy drama. I am so conflicted about that kiss. It's kind of forced on her. But I can't stop myself from totally swooning. So is a force to be reckoned with. (Though I really wanted their first kiss to be one of feelings on both sides. Well the right kinds of feelings.)

That said I am so annoyed by Hae Soo. First of all she promised him she would stay the same if he would trust her and all that sweet stuff that was said last episode. Man did she turn on him. She doesn't even fully understand the visions. Whether it's something that will happen or maybe was avoided? Or if she's just crazy cause her mind time jumped. She fed him to the wolves at the first doubt! Not to mention that maybe her turning on him is what causes him to go killer?

Though it's not concrete yet if he is the killer brother.

On that note I am so excited to watch the 10th Prince and Bear Girl fall in love. I want this to happen so bad!! Not only that but they're introducing Gisaeng Woo Hee (Last Princess of Hubaekje). Though they've really kind of mucked that up a bit and I think most viewers are probably wondering about this random lady dancing in the woods. I think it was a super sloppy introduction. However, I do think she's a great match for the 13th Prince.

I am quite surprised how transparent and fast So's mom tried to get him to be a killer for her. No wonder her plans fail. With her long term planning of 0. What did she think she was doing when she tossed him away. Even now she can't even be conniving enough to hide her disdain and use her son like a villain. Well at least this way So can't be unwillingly deceived by his evil mom.

Anywho, I really hope that Soo shapes up in the next episode! That horse riding scene with So was such a tease. Not to mention what her freak out may have planted into Wook's head. She was so worried about whether or not she would/should change history when she's stupidly doing things. Hmmmmm.

The temptation to google the history and other show is so strong. I shall resist.

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Sep 20, 2016

Five Stars

Hae Soo... so disappointing, how can she forgot the promise that made to him about to not change if he trust her......and now she is treating him so badly.
It was so touching the moment with the king and Wan So calling him father :'( but its also disappointing how the king remembered only now that So is his son and need to embrace him about his scar :'(
The big suprise was:
- The wedding announcment to 10th prince
- WS "There is something I want more than a land...Please give me Hae Soo" \^o^/
- 3rd Queen pretending to be a good mother :( so fake and disgusting.

The last 3 minutes I stoped breathing WoW it made me watch both versions twice :P <3
I am scared for what is coming....

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