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Doctors Episode 4

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Back in the present day, Hye Jung is a neurosurgeon starting her first day at Gookil hospital, where she quickly runs into a few familiar faces. However, not everyone is happy with her presence.

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  • Aired: June 28, 2016

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Doctors Episode 4 Reviews

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Jun 29, 2016

"Did you see her earlier? She could kill a cow."

"Did you see her earlier? She could kill a cow."

Ha-ha! This episode was great. Not just because of that random line. But because Soon Hee is back!!!! AND Soon Hee and Hye Jung are soulmates!! Ah, watching them together was magical. Finally I'm going to get some decent WOMANCE! My only request is that they never be broken up, that they are there for each other as great friends the entire show. After all the history they shared and what they were willing to do for each other supports there soulmate-ness.

I was wondering how Ji Hong would waltz back into Hye Jung's life. Especially after the dramatic running scene and Hye Jung getting on that bike with my sex god. Um, err. I mean Soo Chul the guy on the motorcycle. (No I'm not sexually objectifying him. ^_-) So how does Ji Hong waltz in? Try dramatically flinging himself from a helicopter. I kid you not. It was strangely hilarious, and totally sexy. Well done director on the slow motion romance. Well done.

Overall I think this episode brilliantly sets up the players. Who from the past is going to be in the story and then introducing the new characters and so on. It's really interesting how many Signal characters are already in Doctors—sorry just had to add my random observation. The cast is pretty impressive here and I enjoy how they all interact thus far. Doctors is clearly a show that I am going to be obsessed with. I love Park Shin Hye in it. Ji Hong and Hye Jung have serious chemistry together. Wow. Though I don't feel like Ji Hong could win at fighting with Hye Jung, surgery yes he's the senior at that. Hye Jung had made skills since she was younger, she should be able to best him. So you all know what I need to happen when the cliffhanger picks up next episode. ^_- *sighs* No, it's not a kiss.

Great, now a whole week to wait. Body slam. Body slam. Maybe a could punch . . .

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