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Doctors Episode 6

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Hye Jung asks Ji Hong to help her access her grandmother's files. A new patient arrives whom Hye Jung would rather not treat.

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  • Aired: July 05, 2016

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Doctors Episode 6 Reviews

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Jul 6, 2016

Who hasn't fantasized about dancing in the rian to that song? Hmm?

Hands down one of the best/funnest drama rain scenes. Not to mention one of my top dancing in the rain scenes from now on. So cute and adorable. There is something about Rae Won, and boy is he bringing it with Ji Hong. I feel like I'd be putty in this man's hands, Hye Jung is a tougher woman than me!

That said I think Yoon Do is really cute, and I find his developing crush of Hye Jung to be absolutely ADORABLE! (Queue high pitched voice for the word "adorable"!) Oh, I feel for this character too.

Heck, I really like all of the characters! Even Seo Woo to a point, that's because the writer is really putting forth the effort to develop these characters.

My favorite side character is definitely Soon Hee! I adore her to pieces and hope she becomes a pivotal character.

Overall I really love that the characters are first, there's a good amount of actual patients and medicine, and the politics are there but not taking over. Doctors' strength definitely comes from the characters and I love it!

I don't know what this drama has done to me! I'm smitten. This is definitely my all time favorite role for Hye Jung. However, I'm still very disappointed! Soo Chul (hot motorcycle guy) is confirmed to be in the present storyline, but there's no mention or anything about him this episode! I have a speculation that if he isn't a love thrill/interest for Hye Jung that he and Soon Hee would be pretty awesome together! That's right I adore Soon Hee enough that I'd concede Soo Chul to her.

All I can do now is hope the writer keeps up it up because I have hit full on drama obsession with this! Now the wait. (Oh, and wasn't anyone else disappointed with the kiss? I wanted a bit more after the Pinocchio one! Especially with the chemistry the actors are working with here!)

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