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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 6

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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 6 Reviews

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Jan 11, 2017

tvN Flair

The transitions and humor in this drama have a tvN flair. This kind of ridiculous melancholy? Serious subjects hit over the head with a skillet while someone holding a rubber chicken laughs hysterically in the background... Or maybe that's just me. The episode ending was tragic... but then Hwa Shin gets beaten by a baking sheet, seen in his bra by his mother and best friend (I think), and tells God to take him and Na Ri in exchange for his brother... all in the last scene. :'D. Hwa Shin is the kind of character I don't want to like but can't help developing a soft spot for. Everyone just keeps hitting him lol.
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Sep 10, 2016

how can it be sad and hilarious at the same time?!

This show is so weird, how can it be sad and hilarious at the same time?!
First I almost shed a tear when Hwa Shin appeared at the funeral and looked so sad for his hyung. It was also kind of touching that all those people who hate each other and weren't in contact for years came together and even learn that they all are unexpectedly connected with each other.
But then when Hwa Shin's mom saw him in his bra.... that was so funny! But still, this feeling of pity was in the air. It's not like he's really wearing it for fun or bc of a fun circumstance, no. No matter how ridiculous it looks, he does have (or almost had) breast cancer, wich is very dangerous.
And then poor Hwa Shin witnessing Na Ri showing his video and laughing at him with his best friend. this actually is very very rude of her. 1. Bc Hwa Shins matter isn't something to laugh about and 2. It's a funeral!!
But then seeing Hwa Shin crying isn't only sad and pitiful it is ALSO funny! How can this be?! I don't understand myself anymore @[email protected]

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