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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 9

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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 9 Reviews

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Jan 12, 2017

Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Oh, I really liked this episode. All it takes is a bit of jealousy, or a lot, to make the heart grow fonder. Some characters took the initiative to move forward while others sidestepped what they realized they really wanted.

I've never been a fan of jealousy used as a plot device, but it is the name of the drama. I was ridiculously excited the article about Jung Won's engagement was going to come out; I needed him to make a decision. All of this playing footsie under the table, "No it's not cheating," "Yes, I think I am cheating," was driving me up a wall. If for no reason than it continues to pull Na Ri further and further away from Hwa Shin. I'm also excited to see a shake up in the station this news brings. Those weather girls are dangerously catty.

And this was the episode I got a little second lead syndrome tugging at my heart. (I'm curious to see how Hwa Shin will continue to squash his feelings for Na Ri. Hopefully not by becoming a bully... again.)

I didn't realize this was 24 episodes when I started... So we still have a lot of self-discovery and couple shuffling to do.

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Sep 22, 2016

Too deep!

This is too much for a viewer to handle. I love HS he is too funny and he and Na ri get on so well but JW is the perfect gentleman and he has his layers. When he got mad at her...even I felt bad. Its has almost come to the stage where it isn't even 1st lead and 2nd lead....they are very close...but at the moment JW is edging forward....AAAARGGGHHH if this show ends up with the cliche i think....i'll cry. lol
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Sep 22, 2016


omo THE FEELS! As always it tears me apart. She does look good with Jung Won and he is also too sweet, but Na Ri also have this special chemistry with Hwa Shin and he also really does love her, soo sad TT TT. This drama does a great job with first and second male lead balance. Both are very important characters and sometimes I'm not even sure with whom he'll end up. In this moment I can't imagine what'll make her leave Jung Won and go to Hwa shin.
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