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Another Miss Oh Episode 13

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  • Aired: June 13, 2016

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Another Miss Oh Episode 13 Reviews

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Nov 27, 2016

Oh my drama, Oh Hae Yeong #1's dad grabbed Do Kyeong wrist!!

Oh my drama, Oh Hae Yeong #1's dad grabbed Do Kyeong wrist!! The awesomeness of that alone. Not to mention the duration of how long it lasted as he ran away from his wife.

This episode was great moving a long nicely. It didn't have to much lag until toward the end. However, suddenly Anna is back with Park Hoon! Talk about jump. Hae Yeong #1 best friend was trying to seduce him! If that wasn't her goal, girl needs help. At least Park Soo Kyeong and Lee Ji Sang's wonderful story isn't being cut and jumped. Though I wish it wouldn't be dragged out so long! Tell him. I miss their happy scenes together.

Oh Hae Yeong #1 decides that killing her feet and having a super high fever is the way to go. This girl truly loves misery. Say you're going to move on and that torturing yourself is not the way to do it. I know number #2 tells her that she could cry and then smile later, it's not because she forgot. It's because she's quietly finding a way to torture herself.

So I'm not sure if Do Kyeong is in a car accident and flashing back. I don't think he is because we're getting the full story. However, it doesn't matter right now I guess. What I like is that he's decided to open up. He's changing his actions and they're creating small changes that eventually lead into a big change. Which I think is a great message. No matter how silly or insignificant you think the current decision or action you're making has it will in the end have a big affect on your life. So don't live to regret them.

This pacing here is what makes the self torture of the characters seem better. I don't have to boringly sit through it waiting for the good stuff. See there's a way to let us know they're suffering with out wasting screen time.

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Jun 15, 2016

Regret Nothing

This episode is all about him actively making an effort to show his heart and not say and do things he doesn't mean. To not hurt others just so he could hurt less. With every vision he got, he did the opposite because he now knows why he gets these visions. These are memories that his future self has that he regrets. He refuses to die regretting the fact that he didn't try to show that he loved her. I am glad it worked for him and I hope from this point they will create more good memories because lets be honest here....there arent that many between them and most of these good memories came from that one day they spent together. I do want them to end up together but I feel like there wasnt enough good things that happened between them to say YES. THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER. Because right now I would be just as okay if nobody got together. I really like this show for the really complex personalities and situations that it addresses but as far as romance goes I am not sure if I am as invested in it as I could have been... even if their kisses are in fact wonderful.

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