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Another Miss Oh


  • Drama: Another Miss Oh
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 18
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
  • Network: tvN
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Melodrama, Supernatural
  • Tags: Precognition
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 8.5 (scored by 7,982 users)
  • Ranked: #194
  • Popularity: #101
  • Members: 15,072
Both dramas are laugh out loud in their comedy but still hits the right spot to make your heart ache at times. I love both for being an all-out comedy in the that IT IS a romcom. Characters in both dramas are so real, you get embarrassed on their behalf.
Recommended by jellybine
Both main characters struggle with being "ugly" and in the shadow of another more beautiful woman.
Recommended by maakopla
The guy's character frequently offers his help and care for the girl. Both drama was so heartwarming. The guy feels sad for the girl for her misfortune, and tries to make her days better. Both possesses slice of life kind of drama which are relatable.

The romance and comedy is just fantastic.

I would rewatch these two!
Recommended by Nutchalovesmiley
Somehow both of these dramas have the same feel when it comes to the main female leads. Both of them are teh center of the story, both of the are simple, kind, fun loving and easy going characters. No mind games, or hard to get or holding back when it comes to love.The male lead is the cute/angry man in both of these. They both just have a very similar feel!
Recommended by -executedtoperfection-
The female lead in both of them have similar personalities.
Also both stories have the same feel and are full of misunderstandings.
Recommended by userbmc
The plot is the same.
First male-female lead have a problem with love because of painful past love. The male lead's ex-gf left him without any explanation. The female lead's ex-bf left her because of his affair.

The female lead has problem with her name and want to change it to, accidentaly, a same name like the male lead's ex-gf. The male lead has miserable memory because someone that he respected the most (in this drama his hyung) died - and in his perception - because of him.

Then the conflict begin. the exes from both side return and pick on the leads' present moment. The male lead become indecisive between her ex and currently gf. The changing-name problem and so on..

The side story too. There is a story about female lead's eonni that has crushed with female lead's chef chief at work (female lead is pâtissier in the male lead's restaurant).

But I like My Name is Kim Sam Soon much..much..much more than AMO. Besides I watch this drama with this kind of plot first before AMO, it gives a good, healthy, hillarious, entertaining, witty comedy scenes and better story development for me.
Recommended by tomodachi
It's not quite related to the plot or characters personalities but while watching "Again miss Oh" I got the same feeling as I watched "Discovery of romance". Both dramas have interesting characters that you can't really hate. Also, both are good rom-comedies with lots of emotions filled with love, anger, hate and regrets. Both are more mature than usual kdramas. And, also, Eric are leading guy in both dramas!
Recommended by ChunElla
Both the dramas have quiet a different story line, however the romance in both the dramas are interesting and refreshingly different.
Main leads have great chemistry in both the dramas. The supporting characters are also quiet interesting and have their own story line.
Both are light hearted romantic comedy, if you like one don't forget to give the other a try.
Recommended by Pras
Both female leads are dumped by their finances the day before the wedding and get a 2nd chance at love. Both shows are done by tvN so they have a similar vibe as well!
Recommended by Katie
Both dramas are refreshing and both deal with different aspects of life rather than only concentrating on the main couple.
Recommended by maakopla
In Behind Your Smile Zhao Yiting only sees his revenge, but ends up falling for Lei Xinyu in the process. However, Another Miss Oh Park Do-kyung gets his revenge on his runaway bride, but finds out he is mistaken and has spoiled another woman's wedding. He gets entangled in her life and ends up falling for her.
Recommended by Tiffany
Both are Romantic Comedies with drama.
Both star Seo Hyun Jin. The characters she plays are similar in that they have some insecurities based on something that happened in her school days.
In both, the male lead / possible love interest is her next door neighbor and he owes her a debt for having wronged her. Due to this debt, he ends up spending time with her/being kind to her. Naturally she develops a crush.
The unique part of Another Miss Oh(Oh Hae Young Again on Viki / Another Oh Hae Young on Dramafever) are the psychic visions that the leading man only has about Seo Hyun Jin's character.
The unique part of Let's Eat is the FOOD porn.
Both are really fun Romantic comedies.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
The male lead in Tomorrow With You travels to the future in a very similar way Park Dokyung from Another Miss Oh has visions of the future.

The biggest difference between the two I would say is the comedy. You won't find as much comedy in Tomorrow With You, though it is a very sweet drama so far.
Recommended by Sony
Both are Kdramas where one of the protagonists has foresight: In Another Miss Oh, the hero has deja-vu (Visions/flashbacks about something that is about to happen in short notice) and in WYWS, the heroine has Prophetic Dreams (Dreams about the near future or distant). Both have romance inside a beautiful plot, great actors and soundtrack.
Recommended by Orulyon
Both these romcoms have a female lead whose different, quirky and bizzare. Oh Hae Young is perhaps more impulsive. Both females find themselves blurting amuzing embarassing things or situations. Both males are closed off and cold, seldom smile and even socially inept. Jo Se Ho in lucky romance is also bit nerdy and has an additional dimension in his character that really draws you in. Both become unwillingly drawn to the female lead and behave out of character.
Both dramas have poor first episode but gets better. The good acting and interactions compels you to follow their story.
Recommended by sharreb