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Goblin Episode 16

Goodbye And See You Again

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Both Sunny and Eun Tak inadvertently hurt their partners, who must come to terms with their decisions.

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  • Aired: January 21, 2017

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Goblin Episode 16 Reviews

Sam Sensei
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8 days ago

Awesome Drama Recommend to all Romance Lovers

Awesome Drama finished it in 3 days
Awesome Romance Comedy Story love the Story , it's Characters , Actors and Music. Really Really Great Anime :)
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Oct 17, 2017

Perfection in Details

Goblin? Its simply the only drama that i rewatch the scenes again and again :)
Never before in my life i feel a drama is worth to rewatch.
The story is simple but unique, sad but funny and the details, cinematography, ost, and especially the acting were superb.
Gongyoo can even speak his emotion only through his deep eyes and smiles :)

Every scenes were done perfectly in details.
I admit i didnt expect and feel anything at first series, but the more i watched, the more i hooked up and feel their emotions.
Age differences doesnt matter,  it happens in real life, 19 is not a child anymore and the writer has to use the 9 magical number to give reason for Euntak dead at 29.

Brother to sister love or even father to daughter love? hahaha...  
I think this is exactly what made Goblin so successfull.
Because deep down in every women heart, they yearn to have this "father and brother" like affection from their man, a sincere love that makes women feel safe and protected, a mature but also cute and humorous man in their stressfull life.

Some said its overated, maybe because they started to watch with very high expectation.
Just watch and enjoy the details,  the more it goes the better it is.

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Jan 25, 2017


This is either such an undeserving, rushed ending or I am just completely dense and understood everything wrong. Personally, it makes no sense in some scenes for example when she decides to block the truck with her car. The day care bus is right there on the road beside her and judging from the speed of the truck it would have crashed into the bus even with her blocking it because it keeps rolling in the direction of the bus? But nope they are all safe except her and probably the driver.

Then when Euntak rejects the tea to keep her memories I was totally confused - I thought this means she can either keep her memories in the afterlife or when she is born again. The end shows her being a student so I guess she was born again and with the memories of her past life which make totally no sense because even Sunny and the Grim Reaper didn't drink the tea but you can see them meeting each other again in their next life but without knowing each other. Or is the goblin's bride an exception I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

And tbh they could have tried to make Sunny look older with makeup or special effects because a lot of years passed and she still looked the same. Of course you could say - she just looked after herself a lot and skincare products worked magic on her face but come on I don't believe it and neither do you.

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