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Goblin Episode 5

I Have to End My Life

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Eun Tak helps one of her visitors pass on to the other side, and Kim Shin makes new sleeping arrangements.

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  • Aired: December 16, 2016

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Goblin Episode 5 Reviews

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Dec 26, 2016

Meh. What was with the scene cutting?

The bromance, great! Visuals, still stunning. OST, blowing my mind. Yet the plot is still spinning its wheels.

Sunny and Wang Yeo may have met, but nothing is happening. It's frustrating. Not only that buy I still don't like what Kim Shin and Eun Tak relationship is. It's super immature and childish. While it's cute to some degree, I find it unrealistic. Not to mention that I could go on and one for plot holes.

I still feel the development of them suddenly loving each other. Face it. It's instalove, and I feel cheated.

Not to mention what is with all the cut scenes? Where it cut and repeated the scene again, but slightly different. The one at the end when he's apparently jumping into the future to "see" was okayish, but the ones before it felt off. I actually had to go back and see if it was Dramafever skipping again, but that normally either skips ahead or backwards, never repeats.

I still have faith and I can't really quit this one, but I still desperately want MORE from the writing.

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Dec 16, 2016


Well I must say this episode beautifully showed the subtle and not so subtle emotions of the characters,
The plot didn't not progress forward much but somehow I was more enthralled by the world of this drama and the emotional niches of the characters.
Actors were brilliant as always and the cinematography is top notch like always.
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