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Goblin Episode 6


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Kim Shin is still struggling to get Eun Tak to do what he needs her to do, while the Grim Reaper tries to act like a human.

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  • Aired: December 17, 2016

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Goblin Episode 6 Reviews

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Jan 25, 2017

It will never be a masterpiece for me.

It will never be a masterpiece for me. Well, outside of the cinematography and OST. Those to things are clearly masterful. This is so beautiful to look at and the soundtrack is well utilized. Sadly, emotionally this will probably never grip me for the romance. There just isn't enough development. Not to mention that the goblin spends a lot of time depressed and treating the female lead like a dog. (Head pat. A head pat.)

It happens with books, instalove. I hate it no matter the storytelling format. So while I accept that they are a couple, I have very muted feelings for them. I'm also bummed that the other subplots are barely present. It's too fast for the main couples romance (non-existent) and barely developing the rest of the stories.

Though I loved the ending bit. We're all pretty sure why the blade did that. She's technically not his bride yet. So while I like what she did for the end scene, I doubt it will work. (Or if it does his mind will be altered.)

At least this drama delivers a consistent level of quality. so thanks. Great cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to less mopey scenes, and maybe fewer flashbacks. Goblin is 16 episodes long. It doesn't have time for that.

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Dec 17, 2016

Beautiful as always

The series continues to explore the to and fro emotions of the characters which is a bliss to watch especially the Goblin.
I'm glad the series put yet another slow paced episode to explore it's characters and their emotions.
As we progress towards the end of the episode, we come to know that there might be some kind of other factor other than being the Goblin's bride to pull out the sword.
I'm glad it's not the plain old story where one pulls the sword to make it a tragic ending.
Nevertheless I still look forward to the next episode as both humans and non-humans in this series try to figure out their lives.
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Dec 17, 2016

Plot and creativity still going strong!!


From the preview of ep 5 I honestly thought she'd be able to pull the sword, i mean i knew goblin wouldnt die yet but I thought she'd probably find out about what happens if she pulls it out, but she didn't! They completely surprised me with what happened, gawdd this drama is so amazing on so many levels, Im in love <33
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Dec 17, 2016

Ahh~~~~~~ Recommend!! <3

This drama really daebak!! Couldn't help it and went to watch live!!

The ending of this episode really daebak!! Didn't see this coming.. The next episode preview too!! How can I survive another week... T.T

I just like the gags done by the male lead. The gag about the difference in age between the male and female lead in this episode is really funny!! I think the second male lead had a NG in that part but they continue filming it.. ^^

Anyway.. Looking forward for the next episode~~~~
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