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NOTE: I really dislike people who are going to bash on my comments or other people's comments. I really can't stands those people. I'm sorry if you see long comments on some of the dramas, and if I seem rude, I truly apologize. (I will comment if your comment offends me and I care less about what you say about the plot.)

I love watching Korean drama (NOT a kdrama addict though because I only watch dramas that are interesting to me and don't watch every drama that is on air) and I sometimes like watching Taiwanese dramas if there is anything good or anything that interests me. (I love actors who have deep voices!) They are the best! Kpop is cool too! Exo, B2st, Got7, and ss501 are my favorite bands! Big Bang is alright too! :D

I also love watching Korean Variety shows as well such as Runningman, We Got Married, Roommate, and Return of Superman

They are literally the cutest couple EVER!!! <3 <3 <3 So glad that they are dating in real life!!! Their chemistry in this drama is literally on point!!!! <3 <3 <3


Aaran Yan is hot. :D He's my Taiwanese actor crush atm. :D xDDD


Choi Jin Hyuk is my Korean actor crush atm. :D xD Overly obsessed with him right now. Fell in love with him in Gu Family Book. If you watched that drama, you'll undrestand what I mean. ;) xD


Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae<3 (I ship them so bad.) They should skip dating and get married. xD


I actually ship this! They are seriously so cute together in Cruel City... <3 Too bad Jung Kyung Ho is taken. D:



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