Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



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Both main female have a strength that the guy don't and both have hot male leads even though both didn't have the same jobs I feel it kinda have a similarity
Recommended by leila calixte
Both are mysteries, both female leads have a strong personality and both rom coms. The chemistry of the main characters is also brilliant.
Recommended by Kathleen
-Overall very similar vibe
-Both are actually funny, like I-almost-peed-laugh-out-loud-cute-funny
-Guy is chick's boss
-Chick is a badass but gives off a natural vibe of something else (Strong Woman: chick is supa cutesy, Protect the Boss: chick is awkward and cringey but amazing)
-Workplace romance that started from experience with chick kickin' the crap outta some dudes that actually had nothing to do with the workplace and then it does cuz then she's hired and batta-bing batta-boom
-Love triangle-y
-Leading dude is kinda wimpy, but then wants to protect the chick, but then again he's kinda wimpy (he will have his strong moments tho)
-SUCHHH ROM AND SUCH COM (Protect the Boss gets a lot more serious toward the end, whereas even Strong Woman's most dramatic moments had a comedy vibe)
-Lots of powerful quotes
-DANNNNG that chick can speak for herself
-AANND she can hold her own. Yeah that's right male lead, I'm looking at you, that means she's just as fine without you or any man for that matter
-A good female friendship between main character and side character (Protect the Boss has multiple female friendships)
-A funny, awkward butler-y secretary of dude guy
-Guy falls (in love) first
Recommended by Tajo Mahcts
In both the main male lead met the main girl lead by hazard and took interest in her.
In both the main male lead are gaming creator and the main girl lead got a strong interest in gaming and end up working for the guy.
It's a relation development. Both couple are very sweet and give the same kind of feeling. Both drama will make you smile (Strong Woman is more funny).
Recommended by Imoen
Both feature adorable male leads (who happen to be CEOs of successful gaming companies);

Both feature leading ladies who are very unique, and who work in video game development;

Both male leads fall in love with their rather quirky/unusual leading ladies;

Both shows have second leads who are the leading lady's childhood friend.

SWDBS and LR are romantic comedies, but SWDBS has some incredibly dark thriller moments that are lacking in LR, while LR has more melodrama/teary moments than SWDBS.
Recommended by Nernel
Both have a fun, cartoon-y style. SWBS is def the goofier of the two because of the gangsters, while BIOG is a little darker because of some of the ghost back stories. Both are good if you want something playful.
Recommended by Megan
A supernatural cousin to Beautiful Gong-shim where the main character, Bong-soon, finds herself inheriting her ancestor's incredible strength, faces the world with bravery and righteousness and desperate to find a job.

She meets the CEO of the gaming company of her dreams but instead of being offered the job in the planning department, she's being paid a handsome price for being his bodyguard.
Recommended by Teddy A.K.
1. The actor is cute and is very possessive.
2. It's a cute drama like Stong woman Do Boong Soo, though with a little more tangles.
Recommended by Sazooka
Leads have super powers, both are based at gaming companies. Both have quirky humor. Both have OTT violence. Watch for Lee Dong Wook.
Recommended by StormDiaboli
Both has a controlling obsessive male lead (even though their characters are different). Both have a female lead that is outgoing, bright, and a act first, think later type mentality. The relationship between the main CP in both is CEO + worker.
Recommended by Miura_Eli
The lead couple in both these shows have so much chemistry! Min Hyuk (SWDBS) and Tae Woon (School 2017) are perfect boyfriend material.

The shows also have mystery aspects to them.
Recommended by scarletlover1
-Both main female lead are pretty strong
-Both main female lead likes someone at the beginning
-The guy that the Female lead liked realizes their feelings later on
-Love triangle
-Female lead slowly realizes feelings for other Male lead

Only difference is that the Female lead is a mermaid
Recommended by Zam
This about supernatural power romance and both female what to live first like a normal person, also funny well , it's not to similar but it's similar to me
Recommended by Kan
- Both are comedy dramas, male leads are so handsome, smart, and loving.
- The female leads are not confident about themselves in the beginning.
- Characters in both dramas have developed.
- Great chemistry between leads
Recommended by Daisy Lili
*both main male character is the female character's boss

*both have a complicated love triangle

*both have comedy and light

*both female character despise main male character at first

*The two drama gave out similiar atmosphere
Recommended by Stephanie