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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

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Apr 18, 2017
Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
The production and cast were promising. The storyline was quite messy.

The entire artistic production would receive 9/10 from me for a romcom drama like this. The direction was great; the set and props were outstanding; the cast was full of both eye candy and skills. The cinematography was amazing. It was good to look at. I just wish they gave much more effort into blending their multiple genres together.


I'm never a fan of any of them, but I believe they did a really great job. The set of 3 leads owned their roles. I even believe that the writers wrote this story with Park Boyoung in their mind. Tiny and cutesy role is definitely for her, and she's a good actress as well. This is only my second drama with her, however, and I believe that the next one with her is gonna start boring me a bit. Her tone and acting is just so *her* like she was in Oh My Ghost. This happened to me with Hwang Jungeum in every single drama she was in as well.


The story, however, was a strange mix of romance, comedy, supernatural(?), police investigation, and even bloody thriller. How would they mix into a good storyline? There's no way. I believe they needed to take out at least one, or tone down each of them to make everything flow.

The dynamic of this storyline is super strange. It was like an incredibly bumpy road instead of a smooth rollercoaster. The comedy element was almost too forced that it wasn't funny. Some parts were even disgusting that just made me fast-forward throughout the show.

The thriller part started out really strong in the beginning which tipped off the consistent cute and comical tone of the entire Do Bongsoon character. That villain character was just too over-the-top that the entire sub plot around this guy doesn't fit in with the tone of this story at all.

Plus, the entire reason Bongsoon and Hyungshik got together was because *his* case, not the one in her neighborhood. He was being threatened, and that case was solved so easily and quickly. It was definitely just there to bring the two together.

The love story between the two/three leads was nothing special. Nothing really developed or had an impact on any characteristic change. It was just there out of nowhere. I have to admit that they were cute and fluffy together though. They were almost too cheesy together and I usually don't prefer that kind of super cringy stuff, but I believe it helped even out the darker tones regarding the villain. It still isn't the ideal way for such purpose.

But all in all, I wouldn't keep watching until the end if it wasn't entertaining. Like I said, I liked the cinematography and the cast a lot (surprisingly, given that I'm never a fan of any of them). It was something to watch in my free time and I did take my time to finish it. The bad parts weren't soooo bad that it let me down. At least the first episode started off nicely. If you wanna see for yourself, I don't recommend you against it. I have a reputation for dropping series halfway through if the first few episodes are slow and have too much flashback. This one was fine.

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Apr 16, 2017
Overall 7.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
So how would I describe this show? This story tried to be too much. It was a romance mixed with slapstick humor, and dark thriller. How did those elements combine? Not too well, actually....but the parts that were good were good enough to keep me watching until the end.

This show started off strong and I was loving it up until about a little over halfway, when it dawned on me that the story was just kind of nonsense. But the leads are so freaking adorable (and probably every teenage girl's dream fantasy romance) that they kept sucking me back in every week. I said the other day that I didn't think I'd had a girl crush on anyone in a show yet, but Park Bo Young may have reached that status for me. And Park Hyung Shik is almost too pretty - but his acting as Ahn Min Hyuk crushing on Do Bong Soon --- I just "can't even" with him. Too cute for words. They were so cheesy together, but this ahjumma was eating it up. Seriously....this romance is what the show has going for it. But even that is unrealistically done. This show is just fluff....lots and lots of fluff.

The story line is chaotic. There is an evil villain that is just too horrifying to be in a rom-com. It was very jarring to go from sweet romance scenes to a creepy masked kidnapper who is terrorizing young women. And the slapstick antics of the gangsters and the high-school gangsters and the screechy femme planning team leader was funny the first time but became just useless filler that was pretty annoying fast forward material. And a lot of people hated that, although played for laughs, the mom seemed abusive (may be why the writers tried to explain that one away in the final episode.) There were funny parts, sure, but they overplayed their hand with them quite a bit.

The only thing I would rewatch in this show is the moments with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon.

Would I recommend it....sort of. I mean, you'd have to know going in that the story makes no sense, but as a backdrop for a super cute, cheesy beyond belief romance...if you can deal with that then, yeah, go for it. I was entertained for sure (otherwise the rating would be like a 4). But if you need a plot that is logical and a more 'mature' (not THAT kind of mature, but more grown up) romance, then this one won't be right for you.

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May 17, 2017
Overall 5.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 3.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
This drama was a total chore to finish. There are several flaws, main one being the writing. The different aspects of the story/plot do not mesh well at all too many different genres are thrown into the mix (thriller/detective/gangsters/comedy/romance/drama).

The thriller aspect with kidnapper storyline just becomes tiresome halfway through, with the usual moronic police investigation/constant mistakes in capturing the uninspired villain.

I found the comedy scenes totally unfunny and embarrassing.

The romance was ruined for me by the coy and overly cutesy acting by Park Bo Young. I am not a fan of ayego.

My biggest problem with this drama was the main female lead Do Bong Soon. I disliked her thoroughly and cannot understand how others found her likable and described her as an admirable strong woman. For me she is nothing but a two-faced, passive aggressive bully. She casually assaults people and then acts all sweet and innocent as if butter wouldn't melt. I found her hypocrisy a total turn off. She is smug and rude to her superiors at work. She bullied and assaulted people everywhere she went, if it had been a man doing these things everyone would have been up in arms . By the end of the drama I started to dislike the actress as well - as it is her portrayal not just the writing that i found so unpleasant.

Other things I did not like:-
- the contrived love triangle which went nowhere and made me question why it was introduced it in the first place.
- the way DBS mother treated her husband was totally unacceptable. If I were him I would have divorced that useless harridan in an instant.
- the main male lead's besotted act went rapidly from cute to cringe.
- the cliched depiction of the gay character.

All in all an utter disappointment I had looked forward to this drama as the 3 main leads were all on my like list but after this debacle I will have to rethink my stance.

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Apr 20, 2017
Overall 5.0
Story 2.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 2.0
I don't even know where to being omg.
The first two episodes were nice, the story started good and at the end we were given a side-plot that looked very promising -also it was interesting to see something completely different from the cute, lighthearted main plot.-
As the episodes progressed, the problems began.. on one hand we had the queerbaiting and homophobic comments, on other hand we had the domestic violence thing; which I don't think should be a theme to laugh at. (I mean, if you're going to have it in the story, make it a way to bring awareness to it, don't use it as something that's supposed to be funny??)
More episodes in, the interesting side-plot I mentioned before turned into something completely creepy; and the contrast with the main plot was huuuge (plus if you were looking for an easy to watch, lighthearted drama, trust me this isn't it.)
And of course, to make things even worse, the fillers that no one cared about turned into another side-plot, yay! but nooo this time it didn't even make sense at all ?? you can totally take it off the drama and it won't change anything (trust me in this one, starting from ep 10 I think, I started skipping it and surprise surprise nothing changed)
Everything in this drama was a mess, the storyline got completely wrecked and by the end nothing made sense. The only thing that made me keep watching was the main couple (trust me, I included it in my otp list on tumblr) but not even that was enough to save this drama.
It's a shame such a good actors and such a cool pairing with a lot of chemistry was stuck in such an awful drama, I had a lot of expectations for this one because hell yeah a super strong woman as main character is something I wanted to watch, but, as I said earlier, not even the actors or the chemistry between them could save this for me.

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Apr 21, 2017
Overall 3.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
I DIDNT FINIISH THIS DRAMA. Okay there's your warning. I got to like ep 6 before I dropped it. I just found this drama highly offensive. Yes I know it's a comedy, but so is weightlifting fairy and sassy go go, and I wasn't offended by those. Why was I offended? One was bong soons character. Yes the everso adorable bong soon. Being cute doesn't make you a good character. Sorry. I have seen super hero movies and you know a pattern I've noticed super heroes typically deal with super villains, as in their strengths are matched. But let's say you're the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and deal with smaller crimes, spider man still manages not to put people in the hospital for 6 months even tho he could. Cuz you know thievery just doesn't really equate to a six month hospital trip. Yes she fights for justice, but the way she does it I equate to the people that cut off someone's hand for stealing something (ok not that bad but you get the point) the punishments she gives doesn't match the crime. "But she hasn't learned how to master her power!" people say. HOW OLD IS SHE??? How has she NOT learned to master her power?? But that's enough on bong soon, let's move on to min hyuk. He drove me crazy too because in his own way he was pretty sexist too (yes gook du isn't the only sexist male on this show). He hires bong soon basically because she's pretty, and from what I've seen, doesn't even require her to do her job. They basically go on day long dates. Oh and when he's actually in danger he protects her!!! As a woman I find this offensive that a male would hire me on looks, and not on skills. Or even worse knows I have the skills but won't let me use them, so he can "protect" me, even though it's MY job to protect HIM. And the whole gay thing. If I was watching and was gay I'd probs be offended "I'm glad my sexual orientation is one of the only means of humor this show can think of...thanks..." speaking of gay, gook du. I'm pretty sure he was secretly gay, cuz man some of those scenes...also I started this drama for ji soo, and you give me THAT character??? No personality, is incredibly sexist, boring, and overall a jerk??? Like I can't tell if it was bad acting or writing. Either way I expect better. You know who was another awful character? The mom. She literally suggested to bong soon to rape min hyuk. "Use your power and get him laid!" Ummmmm they think he's gay at this point...so he wouldn't be willing....so that equals rape. But I forgot this is comedy, how dare I be offended by this. Apparently I should take this as comedy but be enraged by Trumps locker room talk. How I love double standards *sarcasm* last but not least the pacing sucked. One moment it's slapstick the next its thriller. I've been noticing this blend in dramas lately. DRAMA MAKERS THIS IS A TERRIBLE COMBO! Just please stop it, do us all a favor. Alright that's the end of my review/vent. Overall despite its supposed cuteness, I found this drama to be downright terrible and offensive.

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Apr 15, 2017
Overall 8.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
As soon as you start the first episode you'll be swept away by the awesome female lead, swoon worthy male lead, and the hilarious situations that ensues with the characters around them. But I always say that you cannot rate a drama only on its beginning. Though Strong Woman Do Bong Soon never started out as a perfect drama, it starts to struggle towards the end of the race.

SWDBS follows Do Bong Soon, who has a supernatural ability that gives her incredible strength and it runs in the females in her family. Combine this with Park Hyung Shik as the leading male with hilarious side characters and it seems like it will be a match made in heaven. But this drama from the beginning has always suffered from tonal problems because of its other plotline that has to do with kidnapping. With one half of the show so cute and funny, it does not blend with the other half of the show that happens to be very serious. The writer had a hard time blending comedy and thriller together and the drama starts to suffer in the end because of it. Even with these problems I still believe that you will have a great time watching this drama, especially the first half but you might become frustrated towards the latter half.

It also suffers from pacing problems and at times it will linger on scenes that do not move the plot forward. And also, the kidnapping plotline itself is just not strong. There is nothing really exciting about it because everything is really obvious. The best thing about the plot itself is the romance between the two leads because everything else is not as strong.

The cast is hands down the best thing about this drama. I came in knowing that Park Bo Young will be great. She is a really good actress and I've always felt that she has been able to add a lot of depth to the characters that she is given. Park Hyung Shik was a surprise for me. I've never watched him in a drama before but after this I know I'll be watching all of his past dramas and future ones too. As we know, a lot of idols are cast in leading roles because of their popularity and looks but Park Hyung Shik is not just a handsome idol (and he is handsome!) but a really good actor and he showcases that in this drama. He had a lot of strong scenes that surprised me and I’m already looking forward to seeing him in something new. His character Min Hyuk will make your heart swoon. If you watch this and don't like the plot, I will guarantee that you'll love his character. The way he looks at Do Bong Soon will make your heart melt.

Ji Soo will be a bit of surprise for many if you seen his past work before. Ji Soo is usually the guy to give you second male lead syndrome but he definitely is not able to do that here. Unlike others, I did not have that much of a problem with the character itself. The rest of the cast is good too. They are hilarious and it’s a joy to watch them.

I will give fair warning to people. If you get offended by some jokes then this will not be the drama for you. There is a lot of gay jokes and people weren't particularly happy with the domestic abuse either (and with good reason.) So, if you are bothered by gay jokes, I wouldn't suggest watching this because they never really let up on it either. It's not just one joke but multiple ones.

Overall, I must say for myself personally I really liked this drama and though I think it started to drag towards the end, I still really enjoyed it. It's a drama that you'll have a lot of fun with. I think if you pay attention to the leads and the hilarious moments then you'll really enjoy this drama. My best recommendation is to not pay much attention to the kidnapping plot line. I really feel like it holds the drama back from being really good. Despite the story not being strong, I think a lot of people will still enjoy this drama. I think this is one of those dramas, that you have to watch without paying too much attention to the plot and just enjoy it. Because once you start to pay attention to it, it will fall apart.

That being said, if you like a swoon worthy male lead and a badass female lead who kicks ass then you'll love this drama. If you like your story strong, tight, and with good pacing then this might not be the drama for you.

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Apr 15, 2017
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.5
A short review of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

A very cute, funny, romantic and really well put together drama. The story was fluffy and dark at the same time. I really liked it. It's fun to watch. There were really funny characters. Funny scenes. And a beautiful ending.
Let's not forget about the chemistry between the two leads were fire hot... *the kiss in ep 15*

I started this drama because of Park Hyung Sik. For me he stole the spot light in 'Hwarang' and when i found out that he was the lead here. I had to watch it. And I'm glad that I did. Because he was absolutely amazing. He was cute, cocky and so so sweet. But in episode 14 he just became 100 times better. He did all the right thing with his lines, his delivery and with his expressions. I loved him in here. I love him everywhere. Just look at the guy's smile!

Same goes for Park Bo Young. This is was the first time I saw her. And I loved her. She is cute and on the money with her acting. She made this character look effortless. Her acting in ep 14 was wow.
And the new guy Jang Mi Kwan! Loved that physo killer.

The music was beautiful.

It's a beautiful drama. And you will love it. It's really funny. And really sweet but not over the top. It has a weird balance to it. That will make you love it. If you are into RomCom then this is your drama. And Park Hyung Sik looks awesome in here!

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May 5, 2017
Overall 6.5
Story 1.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
As another reviwer had already stated, this show tried to be too much. Though I did enjoy the first couple of episodes quite a lot, the second half of the series just seemed to he quite a drag, and at times I found myself quite irritated at certain episodes, so much so I decided to just skip through each episode to find the satisfaction that I had from the first half of the series.

Seriously though, you have a plot that appears to be solid when in reality it was actually very flawed. Majority of the characters ended up just being annoying. Basically, the whole premise of the show was terrible in my opinion. Here you have a psychopath who ends up abducting girls with the reason being that he was a fan of play, then you have a bunch of stupid police who cant keep up with the criminal; constantly making mistake after mistake. The girls being abducted are done so (not coincidentally) IN THE SAME AREA, though nothing special has been done to prevent further crimes and so more abductions occur. Then you see a seemingly rebellious Gook Doo who, even after being told not to do certain stuff, does so anyway (spoiler) and apparently he just isnt resilient enough, loses his objective at hand, BECAUSE, fFS, if you notice THE AMOUNT OF TIMES that sOooOOO MANY people have looked into the junkyard to no avail, omg, that irritated me soooo much, lile, if you're going to be a rebellious cop for the good of the town atleast be thorough with it and don't do a half assed job.

Moving onto Bong Soons mother... wow... at the beginning I did see how her attitude towards her husband was an attempt to be comical, then after a while it was just plain abuse, wtf xD, it was legitimately only an abuisive relationship; it was funny the first time, but when that sort of irrelevant thing is included into a show, not only does it get irritating from being repetitive, it actually is worrying ahaha.

I fail to understand the hype over this drama; granted, the cutesy relationship between AMH and DBS was worth watching, but Ifeel like people overlooked the fact that the plot was terrible

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Jul 2, 2017
Overall 4.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
This a very typical and predictable korean drama. What you see is what you get. It has many funny moments but the story is extremely stretched out that it gets kind of boring at times. The characters are interesting and the acting is amazing. However , I personally didn't enjoy it much since I felt like I already watched it a thousand times before. I would recommend it if you're new to korean dramas and haven't already watched many romcoms. Overall , it's has an original plot but lacks originality when it comes to the progression of the story. 4/10
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Apr 21, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5
Had a great starting but was disappointed towards the end.

Lets talk about the positive points of the story first:
Starting was really good. It was comical, absurd, funny and interesting. The theme itself is interesting and the character of Bong Soon was well thought. I can see her character development throughout the drama and it kept me going. The ending was wholesomely satisfying with conclusion for each character. It's generally a light-hearted drama with exaggerated comedy. There are many fluttering moments for the two leads that you'll enjoy as much as I do.

Next, the negative points:
I felt that the drama wasted so much time on other unnecessary details/segments like the gangster and high school students part (especially the monk). I understand that the writer may want to lighten up the mood, with drama going on for other characters, but then its really excessive. They could have put the time into creating more detailed and intense climax. Every time the leads come across the kidnapper, the details become so slipshod that I cannot ignore the loopholes.
Other story that could have been more detailed: Hee Ji's presence, Bong Soon's parents' cold war

Like many others, I really love BongBong (Boyoung) and MinMin (Hyungsik) so much. To be honest, the romance and chemistry between them is the major point that kept me going after episode 11. Gookdu (Jisoo) is kind of being wasted in this drama, he is just there as a catalyst for the leads to fall in love, I wasn't able to see Jisoo's potential as an actor (hope he will get a better character next time). Casts did generally OK and suitable to their roles. Characters that shone in the drama are BongBong, MinMin and Oh Dol Pyung and the respective actors did well!

The OST Superpower Girl is super super suitable for the drama, fun and positive, really suitable for whenever Bong Soon is displaying her strength. Songs are apt to the situations in the drama but there aren't any outstanding OSTs (only Superpower Girl).

I have enjoyed it in general, did not regret watching it despite some major disappointments. And that game Super Bong Sunnie looks really fun.....

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Apr 20, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Okej that the first thought that comes to mine mind when somebody asks about this drama. Just ok.

Cute, charming actors... relatively satisfied with their performance.
The story itself had a few flaws, but it's nice for a change that the female is strong enough not to be pulled by her wrist.

Well, good to past time when you have nothing else to watch. I don't know what but something is missing
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Apr 19, 2017
Overall 8.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 8.0
This was all set up to be one of my most favorite dramas ever! So how did it only make a final overall of 8?

Story (7.5):
I'll start with that I really enjoyed the first half more than the second half, even though the blossoming relationship was really great to see and there was great chemistry between the actors that didn't show up as much in the first half.
However, there were just enough overly ridiculous elements to this drama that it just couldn't get the 10 I so wanted to give to it after the first few episodes.
The main reasons include: stupid gangsters, stupid police, stupid "professional" workers, stupid comedy, stupid monk, stupid jokes...
The other reasons include: unnecessary gangsters, unnecessary "professional" workers, unnecessary stupid comedy, entirely unnecessary monk, unnecessary stupid jokes... And too little Ji Soo (only kind of kidding).
I enjoyed some of the comedy and loved to laugh at this drama, but it just got more and more ridiculous.
I don't want to bash on this drama too much because I really, really enjoyed it especially every scene that had: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Shik, Ji Soo; and also didn't have: Kim Won Hae, Im Won Hee.
However, the final deal breaker was the final scene of the final episode, which episode I really enjoyed on so many levels and really didn't enjoy on some other levels.
It was great to see some last scenes with a sadly 2d but amazingly acted villain, and the result of relationship between mains was just the cherry on top... But then they had to go in and throw that last scene in which you see some irresponsibility with some mumbo jumbo about the world which I admit looked cool, but the more I thought about it the more I felt it didn't fit with the character...
*SIGH* That probably took away at least 0.5 off of my final score.

Acting/Cast (10):
Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik were aMAzing together, and having Ji Soo in there was just a great plus. The rest of the casting was great too, especially from the villain! and even from the overly ridiculous characters as they played it how they should have, even if I didn't exactly enjoy it all.

Music (7.5):
I guess I should also mention the music... It wasn't anything spectacular that I loved; the Love you love you song was fine and actually a really decent song, but nothing unique. Some people may like the Trouble song too, but not my cup of tea.

Rewatch Value (8.0):
For rewatch... I could re-watch a lot of the scenes over and over, and in truth I watched the majority of the drama twice, one raw and once with subs; but I think most of my rewatching will only be done on the first half, especially if it's full episodes.

Overall (8.0):
Wish I could have given it a 10, but had enough filler comedy I just couldn't deal. Still a great drama and recommended!

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