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Shopping King Louie Episode 1

Pick Me

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Ratings: 7.8/10 from 28 users
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  • Aired: September 21, 2016

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Jan 11, 2017


Not a bad start! I found myself laughing more than a few times; I already like the type of comedy here. The episode also had its fair share of heart-tugging moments. aRGH I adore Seo In Guk though in every role he plays, so I might be a bit biased to keep watching this. It's not totally OMG-I-HAVE-TO-WATCH-THE-NEXT-EPISODE first episode, but it's cute and funny enough with a great cast for me to continue.
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Sep 23, 2016

Three Stars

I appreciate the show for trying to be fun. But that's also the reason why it makes the show less interesting. It tries so hard to be funny. And with the unrealistic kind of setup, it's better if the over-the-top characters can connect with the audience. So far, I'd be putting this show on hold and give it another chance some other time. The story is so common and I can predict every character motivation up to that chaebol Uncle. I need something new. And this show is not what I need right now.
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Sep 22, 2016

ep 1 Review

Honestly I found the first episode lacking and it came across really tacky. The characters are quirky for sure so it seems like it would make for a fun and promising story. Definitely need to watch a couple more episodes to see if this story is worth following, but ugh this first episode has me on the fence of debating if I should keep watching or drop it now. Did not find this episode to be a strong starter. Hope it gets better :)
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