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Shopping King Louie Episode 12

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  • Aired: November 02, 2016

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Apr 17, 2017

I want to see you again...10.000 times.

"The man I know,Shopping King,Louis didn't know the native American proverb.However,out of habit, he repeated, "I want to be with her again". 10.000 times.His wish that he repeated 10.000 times was about to come true."

This episode started and ended with Mr Cha's quote-like words about Louis...In-between was really sweet.
Finally, siblings have met again, lovers united, and some lessons learned.I smiled a lot as I was watching.Mr cha's omma's determination and in sung's persistence and courage were admirable xD

"The man I know,Shopping King,Louis was naive,gullible and inept.However he was a man with a non-judgemental heart.His boundless sincerity transformed his sadness into happiness and made a miracle happen."

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Nov 3, 2016

Comedy with drama instead of drama with comedy~~ XP

From the first episode till now, I like the mood of the story where it has good storyline with lots of gags in it. This is the first drama which I am not stress out with the kidnapped and the lost of memory scenes...

In this episode, I laugh soooo hard when the background music played the song "Cause you're my Lady~~~~" during the meeting of Bok Sil.. ^^ I also laugh when Louis did the dab with Mr. Cha and the neighbour~~~

Feels like everything had been revealed... but there is 4 more episodes.. hmm.. Can't imagine how the story will go... Looking forward~~
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