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General and I Episode 52

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Jan 26, 2017

General and I Episode 52 Reviews

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Feb 10, 2017

Do you play chess?

Now ping ting knows the general is alive and well but she isn't sure where he is or what he's doing until she sees him with another woman fighting off he xiu's soldiers who are after ping ting and her family. Unfortunately unknown to bei jie who thinks he's just fighting off the enemy. Now ping ting thinks he has moved on and doesn't call out to him.
On the run from the soldiers ping ting's friend yang feng becomes ill but in a war torn city doctors and medicine is not in supply. So ping ting goes to find what she needs at the one place not effected by the war, a popular casino owned by general. She thinks the owner is a mistress and gets into a bet with herbfor the medicine, blind chess. Some how the general ends up playing ping ting and they both notice the intricate moves made could only be each other.
One of my favorite episodes because the genius of both the general and ping ting shine without either knowing who their opponent is, not much happens but yet so much is said and realized.
Ping ting then realizes that bei jie is the casino owner and seems to have moved on so she leaves with her winnings and heads back to her son and friend. But what she finds is horrifying.

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