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General and I


  • Drama: General and I
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 62
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Network: Hunan TV
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: Historical, Romance
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 8.0 (scored by 922 users)
  • Ranked: #714
  • Popularity: #99999
  • Members: 2,710
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Feb 10, 2017
Overall 3.0
Story 3.5
Acting/Cast 5.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.5
I had extremely high expectations for General and I. I'm a long-time fan of Wallace Chung; I've liked him since his role as Nalan Xingde in The Secret History of Kangxi. After I heard that he was going to take up the role of Chu Beijie in General and I, I promptly went to read the entire novel. The novel itself certainly impressed, but I can't say the same for the drama adaptation.

The reason why the novel stood out is because of the balance of power between the male and female leads. They are intellectual equals, quite unlike Kdramas where the male leads tend to be more dominant, and unlike the trend of female-centric Cdramas where the female leads tend to be smarter while the male leads are really just supporting characters who wield huge power to lend a hand in times of emergency (Princess Weiyoung). I think they tried to maintain the same balance in the drama as well, and I'll give them a little bit of credit for that.

From now on, I'll talk about the divergences between the novel and the drama, and my thoughts on whether these are sound/positive modifications:

1. First up, the character conceptualisation. In the book, the Jing An - He family was executed by the Yan king because their achievements are so great that the Yan king finds it unsettling. Chu Beijie did not play a part in inciting the Yan king. He merely pushed the decision by deliberating losing the battle which made the Yan king even more uneasy. There's no talk in the novel too about Chu Beijie wanting to cease battle to protect the civilians. In fact, I remember distinctly that Chu Beijie wanted to expand the territories of Jin; he was battle-hungry. There is clearly a huge difference in the personalities of the character for the drama and the book. I can see why it was changed. It's to make Chu Beijie a more likable character who regards the welfare of the civilians above everything. Personally, I prefer a male lead who isn't this "perfect" and one-dimensional really. I don't like this, but I can see people preferring it. The biggest change in Chu Beijie is how weak he's become in the drama. He was captured and tortured three times! For his love, of course, very "romantic", but I do prefer the book where he was a lot smarter and didn't have to rely on the damsel to save him in times of distress at all. Bai Pingting also didn't need any rescuing in the novel as well. On the other hand, the drama just turned into this cycle of Chu Beijie saving Bai Pingting, then vice-versa, and rinse and repeat again.

2. Next, we have the process of falling in love. Oh god. This is probably the most annoying aspect of the drama. In the book, Bai Pingting was captured by slave traders during her escape (when the Yan king was trying to kill the He family). She was then sold to the Hua family in Jin and became attendant to the young mistress. She caught the attention of Chu Beijie while playing the zither. Chu Beijie thinks that she is Miss Hua, they fall in love, and Miss Hua makes use of Chu Beijie's affection towards "her" to cancel her previous engagement so that she can marry her beloved. Bai Pingting's servant identity was revealed, and she eventually stayed in Chu Beijie's manor. Even though the two of them are in love, they are wary of each other. Bai Pingting wants to know her young master He Xia's whereabouts whereas Chu Beijie knows that Bai Pingting isn't who she claims to be (Yang Feng). After some mutual scheming and whatnot, they separate. Isn't this a refreshing storyline? But in the drama, they chose to make the leads childhood sweethearts. If I wanted to watch childhood sweethearts, any bloody Kdrama will do. Why add in such a cliched plot device? Damn. Furthermore, Chu Beijie recognised Bai Pingting as the little girl he met, and decided that he must FORCE her to marry him. And somehow she gradually loves him back, for no rhyme or reason at all. What the hell?

3. The addition of a lot of vertices to the love polygon. Jealous, unscrupulous female character who loves the male lead, check. Another female character who falls for the male lead while the leads are separated, check. In the novel, it was just a love square and it was complicated enough already.

These are just some of the more obvious changes. And all adverse ones in my opinion. The drama honestly would've been much better if it was more streamlined and stuck to the novel like gum to the underside of the table. 62 episodes is way too many. I guess they had no choice but to extend the story with such stupid tropes to keep it going. It's obvious that the production is trying to stretch out the story to get more profit, and I'm worried that more C-dramas will turn to this trend as well.

To add on, here are some of the flaws in production:

1. A glaring one is the green screens that they used. The first episode had really well cheoreographed fight scenes with pretty natural looking scenery. From then on, it just seemed like a lot of the characters were cut and pasted onto the background. There are even scenes where the main characters are keyed onto a background with the calefares on it. That's just ridiculous! It's so awkward to watch. So much money pumped into the production and this is the result? I can understand that Angelababy was pregnant and perhaps they had to speed up filming, thus leading to this. But I can't help but feel cheated. Looking at the trailers alone, I expected a gorgeous-looking drama on or exceeding Princess Weiyoung's level. Nevertheless, the end-product was far from that. Imo, if you aren't going to tell a decent story, at least make the drama decently pretty. G&I was neither interesting nor beautiful.

2. Also, the dubbing. Wallace's dubber is just horrible. He has this slightly unorthodox pronunciation, kind of Cantonese-like, which makes him (actually, his voice) sticks out like a sore thumb. Plus, the voice totally doesn't suit the character. You can definitely get used to it, but it took me more than 10 episodes (still don't like it).

3. Styling. I'm pretty sure Princess Yaotian looks great in real life, but her styling in the drama does nothing for her. It looks horrible! The guys' long hairstyles looked like crap on all of them except Ze Yi and Fan Lu as well. I mean, Wallace Chung and Sun Yizhou looked fantastic with the man bun I have no idea why they had to give them the long hair/dreadlocks. I know it's to differentiate between the different territories but really it's so inconsistent that it's useless.

4. Chu Beijie's deliberate act-cool moves *cringe* (dramas need to stop doing this to their male leads). Forcibly trying to make your male leads "cool" tends to achieve the exact opposite effect. Also, why does he need a mask?

Now here comes the positives. Well, the non-negatives. Some of these are not even well done but just good enough:

1. The cute loveline between Fan Lu and Zui Ju. I didn't pay much attention to this subplot in the novel itself. However, the actors portraying the two characters actually brought more appeal to this storyline in the drama compared to the novel. Zui Ju is probably the most likable character in this entire drama, despite the bad acting (so, so bad). I was worried that they were going to alter this storyline when they gave Chu Moran and Zui Ju a lot of interactions during the time Chu Beijie broke away from the Jin court. Thankfully, they didn't change it that much.

2. The acting. Angelababy gets a lot of flak for being inexpressive. I don't actually think that she is thaaat bad (that being said, she's quite bad). I'm just slightly bothered by her constant smile, which just distracts me a little when the occasion clearly does not call for it. It may also be an after effect of plastic surgery though. Imo, she improved towards the end of the drama. I also have to give her some leeway for getting an acting coach. Hey, at least she knows how awful her acting is and is trying to do something about it (alright, I'm just being sympathetic). Everyone else were just on par. I also disagree that Wallace was great in the drama like what many say. With such a bad story, you really can't judge. The duo above (Zui Ju and Fan Lu) were cute but they are obviously very green. Zui Ju, in particular, was terrible. I'm generally not picky about the acting as long as it doesn't come across as unnatural, so in this aspect the drama gets a passing mark (barely) in my book.

3. Yaotian's ending. I liked He Xia and Princess Yaotian's romance more in the novel, even though the author didn't really touch on it much. In the drama, the two had very little chemistry (actually, chemistry was virtually non-existent for both pairings). Yaotian's ending is the same, but the way it ended was slightly different. I think they didn't want to make He Xia look too bad. But I actually like how "evil" he is in the book, and how tragic this pairing became. I thought it added more flavour to the story.

4. The OST. I must say, they have some really nice songs. My favourite is the duet by William Wei and Claire Kuo, followed by Tan Jing's song. The opening and ending themes don't appeal to me though.

In summary, I think the drama definitely falls short of expectations. It had good source material, but did not make good use of it. It had a huge budget, but didn't spend enough effort trying to refine the drama. If anything, the production itself just screams unprofessional to me. I do wish that they won't rush the filming so much, and gave more time to post-production as well. It could have been at least a pretty drama to look at, but now it's just... a huge disappointment. I usually write reviews only when I really like a drama, or when I hate it (don't ask me why I watch it all even though I dislike it, it's a childish question). General and I belongs to the latter. I'll give it a 3 and that's already understating how bad it was [1].

-- Footnotes --

[1] The drama has a rating of 3.6 on Douban as of the time this review is written which is far closer to my personal grade but MDL just has biased ratings. You can see it. Candle in the Tomb, a fantastic drama, is rated 8.3 on MDL and 8.2 on Douban. G&I, an awful drama in comparison, is still rated 8.0 on MDL but only 3.6 on Douban. Therefore, if you are a longtime Cdrama watcher, 3.6 is probably fair and what you should take into account when deciding whether to watch or not.

EDIT: MDL update screwed up formatting.

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Mar 17, 2017
Overall 1.0
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 1.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 1.0
What an absolute load of bullshit this show was. I don't think I have skipped so many episodes and fast forwarded so many scenes in any show before in my life. I had such a bad taste left in my mouth after I ended this, that I had to quickly download Master's Sun and use that as a relief to swallow this catastrophe down.

To be completely honest, I think the premise of this show is quite exciting and I bet the novel it's based on would be something spectacular. I will even admit that I really liked the idea behind the General's and Ping Ting's character. They were supposed to be strong and witty people in their own right and that was essentially what lured me in. But by God, that's not what this drama really ended up being.

Matters were made worse by the horrible acting. There is a lot of negative stigma attached with AngelaBaby but I did my best to keep an open mind and not be influenced by all the drama. Unfortunately, it was a wasted effort because she literally cannot act. Half of the time she's a blank board and in the other half she looks like a psychopath with her crazy eyes and creepy smile. I liked what her character was supposed to be but she destroyed it quite effectively.

Wallace Chung is a good actor but all the edgy scenes really didn't make him cool, instead, Chu Bei Jie mostly just comes off as an asshole who's trying and failing to assert his dominance over everybody.

The overdramatization makes everything more unbearable. With all that flying in the air, jumping over mountains and exaggerated facial expressions, General and I can't possibly expect the viewers to take its bullshit seriously. I watch Asian Dramas for their sincerity and poignancy, not whatever this superficial serialization was offering. So fucking disappointed.

It didn't help that I started watching it in between episodes of Eternal Love, which is why its flaws were even more noticeable than they would've been if an incredible show was not there for comparison. I really tried to give it a lot of chances but by the nth chance, I thought it better for my sanity to skip most parts.

This is an unpopular opinion and if you are someone who has diligently watched all of its episodes and have arrived on a different conclusion, then good for you. Boos should always do their yous.

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Feb 21, 2017
Overall 6.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 1.5
The best thing about this drama is that the 62 episodes were translated in seven weeks on the DF site. I watched all the episodes, but started skipping the Bai Lan State scenes, due to lack of interest in their melodrama.

Story:  7.0
A love story/epic battle costume historical drama.

Acting/Cast: 7.5
General Prince Chu Bei Jie, played by Wallace Chung, is my candidate for 2017 Drama Man of the Year award. Throughout the story, he was steadfast in his ethics and integrity.

Bai Ping Ting, played by Angelbaby, was adequate as the military strategist but she was also an expert waffler.  She waffled between Chu Bei Jie and He Xia.

He Xia, played by Sun Yi Zhou, started out as the underdog prince, but his royal ambition and the callous manipulation of the needy Princess Yao Tian, made me grimace.

Fan Lu, played by handsome Wang Tianchen, gets my second vote of confidence.  Fan Gu, the warrior garrison commander, would be worthy of a promotion.

General Ze Yin of Liang, played by Qi Hang, gets my third vote of confidence. He was dependable and fearless throughout the drama.

Music:  7.5
The music keeps the drama moving to its conclusion.

Rewatch value 1.5
Not likely to rewatch this drama, due to the lengthy drama and the lengthy filler.

Overall 6
Chu Bei Jie, Fan Lu and Ze Yin save the day, and the drama.

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Mar 23, 2017
Overall 6.0
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 6.0
Honestly,show was quite a disappointment! I am truly a fan of both the main leads and heard the novel was really good...

I do admit however,the first few episodes was really good and was just amazing! However,at the 25th episode,i just completely gave up on the show and just watched the last episode.There were many unnecessary events starting to happen but i honestly cant say much as i did not watch the entire thing.

The acting however was on point and the music was good too although at some parts of the show,the music kinda was too loud and just kinda masked the other main points of the scene.

Basically,from the 26 episodes in total i watch of this show and the general idea i know of this show is basically a mix between Lan Ling Wang and Princess WeiYoung and its own origianal plot from the novel.

The similarities between this and Lan Ling Wang was that both female leads were smart and thought about clever and unique ways to get out of trouble.Both were about being the male leads kinda saving the female lead when they are in trouble and also consuming poison just to save each other,etc...

The similarities between Princess WeiYoung is most obviously the forbidden romance concept. WeiYoung's forbidden romance due to her wanting revenge to the male leads country and for this drama,it was about both countries being in war/not in good terms.

The good thing however,was this show had a good ending with is something im SO THANKFUL FOR!

OVERALL,if you like the quirkiness and unexpected ways of the female lead in Lan Ling Wang,the forbidden romance concept from Princess WeiYoung due to the countries war and also other factors and also considering the fact you are able to trudge thru 62 episodes of this with some unnecessary drama happening than definately watch this show! IF NOT,just watch like the first 20+ episodes than skip to the last few..Im not saying to completely not watch this but just watch at least a quarter of it:))

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Feb 10, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 10
It’s surreal how much I’ve came to love General & I. Surreal as I don’t tend to fall in love easily for any drama but General & I has been easy to love, too easy and too difficult to let go but that’s the thing with great loves, they mark you the most and are harder to overcome, if ever.

The story is simple and cliché: two very intelligent war mastermind adversaries, one a general, nicknamed the God of War, the other a female strategist. Pitting against one another they’re formidable opponents: mind versus matter, prediction versus adaptability. Together they’re unstoppable. That’s the reason everyone wants to keep them apart. It’s not that they’re weaker separately, but rather unbeatable together. Chu Bei Jie is the general of the kingdom of Jin, related to the king by blood. Bai Ping Ting is a childhood friend of the Prince He Xia, a sworn enemy of Chu Bei Jie. Chu Bei Jie and Bai Ping Ting fall in love but their love is an obstacle to the wishes of the king of Jin, the Royal Consort, the Chancellor and to He Xia. Through tick and conniving plots, Bei Jie and Ping Ting are separated. After years of turmoil in the land, they reunite again for their love towards one another to fight against He Xia and unite the land under one empire, bringing peace to the people and stability to the land they so dearly love. This is the story in a nutshell but the drama is so much more than that, is the sacrifices one makes for the loved ones, the sacrifices one makes for family, for country, for honour, the battles one faces not to conquer to dominate but to conquer to maintain peace and to fight for the ideals of a better world and at opposite ends for everything antagonistic to that. For that reason the story is a 10 out of 10 without another thought.

The main catalyst characters: Chu Bei Jie, Bai Ping Ting & He Xia

Chu Bei Jie performed by veteran Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung and embodies the personification of Mars, the mythological God of War in every sense. He’s strong, determined and wrecks havoc amongst those foolish enough to get in his way. He’s smart and a brilliant strategist, able to adapt to local circumstances like no other. He’s also fiercely loyal to his king and to the woman he loves, never doubting her, never losing faith in her. He’s also not afraid to show his emotions to her, to hold her, to comfort her, to cry in her presence. Wallace Chung performs Chu Bei Jin brilliantly. He is Chu Bei Jin. For a man in his early 40’s to perform Chu Bei Jin, a character that is over 10 years his junior, to perform the stunts that he performs in the drama with the agility of a man half his age is a feat not accomplished by many and Wallace Chung does it effortlessly.

Bai Ping Ting is performed by Chinese A-List Angelababy. She took time to get used to on screen. Initially it was a struggle to see Bai Ping Ting. She appeared to passive when the character is anything but. Every scene seemed to drag with Angelababy’s performance. Is not that she was bad, rather she wasn’t good either. She was just flat and continued to be flat. Her emotions were so utterly standardized it was hard to empathize with Bai Ping Ting, despite liking the character so much on paper. It seemed that she was despondent of life and just existed. It was sad to watch. However as the episodes moved on, her performance grew more convincing, perhaps due Wallace Chung and Sean Sun’s performances who elevated the drama and by consequence perhaps made her elevate her performance as well. Bai Ping Ting is a character with more spunk than what was portrayed but saying that Angelababy’s performance was nice to watch with Wallace Chung and Sean Sun.

He Xia is performed by Sean Sun and what a remarkable performance that was as well. He’s younger than Wallace Chung yet on screen their prowess’s are evenly matched. He Xia is despicable and vindictive and a pain in everyone’s side. He marries for power then when he loses the woman he didn’t know he loved is too late. He could’ve been happy but he chose to pursue vengeance and in the end vengeance took over him and he lost himself. Sean Sun is phenomenal performing He Xia. He’s unreadable. His face demonstrates nothing, his actions demonstrate everything.

The secondary characters: the King, the chancellor, the Queen Consort, the Princess, Lady 13…what is interesting about them is that their role in the drama doesn’t drag. Once their purpose is finished they no longer appear in the drama. Normally secondary characters tend to stay in a drama from beginning to end but here, they don’t which is different but good. Once they no longer contribute to the story, bye bye and another character appears to take their place with the exceptions of the King of Yin and Princess Bai Lan. Acting/Cast, I would give it a 7. Not all characters are convincing but that mishap I gladly overlooked as I really enjoyed the drama.

The OST is nice, it’s not outstanding but it’s nice and it matches the drama well. In a scale of 0 – 10, it’s a 6.

Re-watch value: 10 out of 10. I loved Chu Bei Jie, loved, loved, loved the character and Wallace Chung! Bai Ping Ting matched him in every way possible. They’re a couple made in drama heaven, the Ying and the Yang, complements! Their battles against one another were phenomenal and when they put their heads together to fight their enemies was amazing! The drama remained solid and consistent if, dragging at times but that didn't compromise the story, building up to the reunion which ought to be watched again and again and again!

Overall General and I is as perfect a drama as they get even with its imperfections and flaws. As everything in life is anything but perfect the drama is a pure example of it, a story that is utterly perfect despite how unperfect and challenging it was along the way!

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Feb 11, 2017
Overall 10
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10
Rewatch Value 9.5
I think this is the first time I have found a chinese drama so compelling.Usually due to the poor CGI or sometimes due to the stories I drop the cdramas that I start. But this drama had me hooked to my seat from beginning to end. True at times you might find that they are dragging out the angst and romance and why the hell cant these two people be together?!!!! But the superb acting by Wallace Chung and the great background score make up for it all!!!
A must watch for any drama lover!!!
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Mei Liu
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Jan 30, 2017
Overall 9.0
Story 10
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.0
So, i saw the first episode on youtube after "Princess WeiYoung" and back then my expectations for any drama were pretty high because, i mean just watch "Princess WeiYoung" and then you understand.
It is pretty similar i must say but the *storyline* in this drama is better, that's for sure. Though some may think that too many countries and anything in life is complicating the relationship between those two but i mean... life is like that. So many people care about things that they have to do something. Even if it means some couples unhappiness. So far I am at episode 43 and still loving it (though hate what is happening right now...)

The *cast* is lovely, who would have thought that Wallace Chung could act so good as the God of War and as a loving and doting lover. Angelababy is doing her part very well too. She does the act of the genius strategist very well. Some people sad their chemistry isn't as good as the one with Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin. But I mean come on! They are a real couple and the other couple is acting it (both also have S.O.s in their life, so... although some people are gonna say "It's their job, etc" but i don't think chemistry can be acted. In the future, currently watched the trailer for ep 54, their chemistry is gonna get hotter and hotter ;)
Sean Sun and Gan Ting Ting are a lovely and sweet couple, can't complain. (SPOILER ALERT: Except for their fate TT^TT)

*Music* is good even though it's sometimes a bit misplaced but nothing so serious. Love the theme song even if it makes me cry every damn time!

I would *rewatch* it just to rewatch it just to see the relationship between CBJ and BPT to develop. HUSBAND GOALS: Chu Bei Jie. It's just so sweet to watch a man who will love you no matter what happens and who believes and trusts you.

UPDATE 3.02.17:

i forgot to mention the one thing i really don't like in this drama is the thing that CGs and some acting, like turning 7000 times from one hit, a bit too much. But as long as you can laugh about this stuff i guess you will love it XD

Another thing that i "dislike" is that our OTP are separated for, *%"*ç 20 EPISODES!!! I stopped at 37 and i am gonna wait until everything is subbed and then binge watch (and probably cry) until they reunite. Can't wait!!

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Feb 24, 2017
Overall 1.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 3.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 2.0
With stars like Wallace and AngeIa Baby, dramas like these would have attracted quite a crowd. This would have been a great drama and story but either the Director introduced forced values or the actor Wallace (Bei Jie) is cheeky person trying to force himself onto Ping Ting (Angela Baby).

The part of the drama suggest that woman are weaker compared with men. Ping Ting, starred by Angela, a strategist in warfare but unable to control her emotions or not able to defend herself from the advances of Bei Jie.

I would prefer He Xia played by Sean Sun to be a gentleman and become Ping Ting match. Ping Ting could be the female Zhugeliang, like Princess Wei Young or like Prime Minister Lu Zhen and it would have been a good storyline. I watched half way and gave up because the Director is trying to attract viewers by manipulating viewer's emotion like Sound of Desert.

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Feb 15, 2017
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 10
Rewatch Value 7.5
General and I is an overall enjoyable romance & political/military intrigue drama. Your level of enjoyment will probably depend on your expectations (so true of so many dramas) and whether you read the book. So - full disclosure - I am a viewer who only read the first 6 very short chapters to kind of get the style of the writer. If you are a fan of romance with a large dose of intrigue, I would give it a go but it isn't perfect so here goes:

Story Flaws:

- The foundation of the story is the epic love between the General and Bai Ping Ting, but the drama chose to give short thrift to the falling in love aspect of the story using an overused trope. I would understand this but, you know, 62 episodes so no time constraints to use as an excuse. Many people dumped the drama early on because they weren't feeling it so go in knowing you have to eventually kind of buy into these two.

- Past the middle point of the drama it spins its wheels and many found it dragging. I actually enjoyed many of these episodes but eventually I also got a little frustrated. They could have taken 5 of those episodes and put them in the first part of the drama to build the love story.

-At this same middle point, writers decided to go a certain route which was also in the book but the reasoning in the book (because commenters commented) made both leads flawed people. To me the drama threw the female character under the bus. To be fair, commenters also did indicate some aspects as relates to the General's character during this same time frame were better in the drama. I don't want spoilers so I'll leave it at that.

Production Issues:

Use of Slow Motion: Almost every single moment of emotional impact utilizes slow motion. I swear you could cut 4 hours of drama time just in using regular speed. This to me, actually lessened the impact and, oddly, the sensuality of some of the intimate scenes between the two leads. I mean there is one scene in particular that could have been so much more impactful but the use of not only slow motion but a wind machine made it super cheesy. I think they were going for super romantic and maybe it worked for some.

Angelababy's make up: I'm over expecting reality when it comes to make up in C-Dramas. You could go through heck and back and still have perfect hair and make up. But the makeup artist who decided to use a little lip stain making BPT look like she'd been sucking on a cherry lollypop or had bloody lips....well, it took me out of the drama.


-I'm a sucker for romance, but that always means a lot of politics and such with the dramas, and often it is repetitive and simplistic. I dinged the production on the foundation of the romance, but they did a great job in handling a lot of characters and setting up the political intrigue. Also the characters weren't cookie cutter. They were flawed individuals who at times made good decisions and often bad decisions. I wish they'd actually given more nuance to the leads because I thought they were a bit too perfect. All the co-stars did a stellar job.

-The Smexy. I don't need explicit, but if we have an epic love story, I want some real looking kisses and such and show delivers. No deer in the headlights going on here.

-I have watched a lot of historicals, and this drama actually surprised me with some of the twist and turns. I love that because in so many dramas, we viewers can be steps ahead of the characters. Good job drama.

-I thought the costumes - both the armor and the dresses - were well done. Also loved the OST.

-Overall, I thought the chemistry between Wallace Chung and AB was solid. I've seen better but generally thought that around episode 15 Angelababy got comfortable. Since this was pre-produced and they might not have filmed in order, this could be because I think the material actually got better. Basically she's only as good as the material given to her. Wallace Chung certainly brings the sexy, and I think he did a good job but not outstanding which brings me to...


....the dubbing. Maybe because I've actually heard WC's real voice, but around the halfway point, I began to really dislike the tone of the voice actor doing the dubbing. It was too soft and just not powerful enough and that really does hinder how I viewed WC's performance. I don't know why it took so long to bug me. I'm used to dubbing and this is the first time it really hindered how I viewed a performance. And, truly, I really do like Wallace Chung.

Issues Others Had:

I had no trouble with any of this but here goes: Flying action scenes...I'm used to them. Heavy use of green screen; bothered me in beginning but again, it kind of goes with the territory. Only so much $$ to spend on production.

So depending on my mood, this could be a 7.5 to 8 and since I was left with a satisfied feeling after watching the last episode, I'm going with the 8.

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Yatairy Mejia
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Sep 21, 2017
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
Is a beautiful heart wrenching love story with Great actors, good music, lots of actions scenes, and the best part is that actually has a happy ending. All I could say is that I fell in love with Chu Bei Jei (chung Wallace) since the 1st episode; I can’t believe I have not heard of him before this drama. (Looking forward to watch all his productions). I would have liked a more details happy ending and less dragging of painful episodes that happened midway through the drama but compared to most historical dramas this one is definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

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Aug 30, 2017
Overall 9.5
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
I was a bit apprehensive before starting this series because some of the reviews are not good. But in the end I’m thankful that I started this. I actually read the novel first before watching the series. They have their similarities and differences but each has their own merits.

The story is about loving and trusting someone amidst the differences, the odds and the trials. The storyline is common but the execution is great so you will enjoy the series.
The fighting scenes are one of the best that I’ve seen so far.

The actors were able to portray their role well, especially the both the lead actors. They have chemistry and good in what they do so they were able to relay the characters love, loyalty to their belief and angst to it and the outside interference.

The only thing that I don’t like about this series is that they shoot most of the scene in the studio, or the lighting is off so the actor and the background scene doesn’t blend well especially during the night scenes but aside from that the series is great.

Additional info: the difference between the novel and series are listed below. I won’t list all of it, only the important one… well, what is important in my point of view anyway… ;-)
Some of it may be considered a spoiler but maybe not, although I will focus my comment on the novel. :-)
1. In the novel since the beginning it was already known that chu bei jie is the brother of the king of Jin state.
2. There is no noble consort zhang in the novel, so the one that plot against ping ting is the queen.
3. In the novel chu bei jie just went into seclusion after he found out that ping ting died and he left his other sword with yang feng. Although I love what they did to the drama…
4. In the novel, bei jie first believe that ping ting betray him so he punished her by being indifferent for a few months.
5. The most important difference between the two is the final chapter or maybe it wasn’t just fully explained in the series. In the novel when all the other army rally against He Xia, they ask Chu Bei Jie what will be the name of the army, would they call it prince of zhenbei’s army. He didn’t agree with it because he said he will be like He Xia that wants to conquer the world. He named it Tings Army (from Ping Ting’s name) because it represents that they are fighting for their love ones. To free their love ones from oppression because he promised ping ting a peaceful world. And in the end they united the four state and rename it Tings country because nobody conquered anyone so no state is above the other. Isn’t he sweet? Imagine naming the whole country for Ping Ting! ;-)

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Jul 23, 2017
Overall 7.5
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 1.0
The first few episodes are really good and catchy. But as the drama progresses, it turns to be a lot more draggy and boring. The plots drag too much on certain events, make it into few episodes on the same event/story. the development is really slow. I contemplate to finish it but i still do because i hate doing something halfway out of habit. In my opinion, if this drama has lesser episodes than it is, it will be a bit more interesting. Overall, it is still worth to watch, even though it feels like forever to finish, the ending is satisfactory.
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