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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 10

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  • Aired: December 06, 2016

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 10 Reviews

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Dec 7, 2016


I loved this episode. It's perfect. <3

In the past few weeks, we have seen how cowardly Kang Dong Joo was. His inferiority complex caused him to make decisions that were 'wrong'. However, after being scolded by Teacher Kim repeatedly, he had changed for the better. He did not refuse to assist Do In Bum anymore, although he was still not as confident as Do In Bum. He did not accept President Do's calls when he was busy, even though he did hesitate for a moment. He grew up. Finally. I was so proud of him.

I hope that President Do's words would not sway Kang Dong Joo and pulled him back into the 'dark' side. I wish that he can see through President Do's hypocrisy and work with Teacher Kim. Can't wait for next week to see if Kang Dong Joo manages to stand on his ground and refuses President Do's request.

Teacher Kim is a tough teacher but a caring one indeed. He actually kept Dong Joo's resignation letter even though he seemed to hate Kang Dong Joo so much at first. Teacher Kim was proud of Dong Joo's growth too. The smile he gave when Dong Joo did not reject to assist was so pleasing to see.

I loved this episode so much until I did not know how to express my thoughts logically because it's perfect. I hope it will increase beyond 25%. This drama deserves much more love.

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