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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 4

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  • Aired: November 15, 2016

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 4 Reviews

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Nov 16, 2016

Wonderfully executed episode

This episode explores more about the main characters and give them more depth. Currently, we know nothing about Teacher Kim, except that he is an excellent doctor, with extraordinary medical skills. In this episode, although nothing was revealed, we saw that he was a doctor that would enrage Dr. Do (the head of Gunseo Hospital (did I remember the name correctly)), and it was evident that Dr. Do thought that Teacher Kim was gone/disappeared/out of his life as the moment of recognition was en expression of shock, which turned into horror that was mixed with anger. Afterwards, Dr. Do called Dr. Yoo (Head of the hospital that Teacher Kim was in (sorry, could not remember the name)) to confirm the Teacher Kim's identity. Dr. Yoo feigned ignorance which Dr. Do saw it as an act of betrayal (they were 'best friends' (?) but their tones did not seem like it).

It was also in this same episode that Kang Dong Joo recognised Teacher Kim as the doctor who inspired him to be a doctor, and to impress others by being better. He tried to affirm his doubt by asking Teacher Kim, which Teacher Kim denied. Kang Dong Joo was insistent that Teacher Kim was that Doctor.

Kang Dong Joo tried to fight for Yoon Seo Jeong's 'justice' that it was him who requested for her help when she was spotted by Teacher Kim to be giving Kang Dong Joo's instructions on how to treat a burnt patient which she was not allowed. Teacher Kim gave Kang Dong Joo a scolding, calling him 'pretentious' and 'coward', trying to be a hero to the patient when everything was about himself. Kang Dong Joo was infuriated by the comments because he thought he was not someone like that and he did not deserve to receive such treatment from him. Kang Dong Joo acknowledged that he hated every single decision he made to climb the corporate ladder but he needed to do so. Hence, we got to know that Kang Dong Joo did change, and he knew that he changed, for the worst. However, he did not try to stop the negative change upon himself, instead, accepting it. Nurse Oh managed to prevent the fight from becoming a blood fest. However, Kang Dong Joo was set in quitting the hospital as he wanted to go to other hospitals with better prospects.

The romance part in this episode was minimal and it came rather abruptly. Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jeong were having an argument about him resigning, and then in the next scene, when Kang Dong Joo was about to leave the hospital, he asked Yoon Seo Jeong if she did miss him in this 5 year period. Yoon Seo Jeong said yes but Kang Dong Joo was unsure of her feelings, whether her 'yes' was to stop him from leaving or was it her real feelings.

I could see the 'old' Kang Dong Joo when he was trying his very best to save the patient. The 'old' Kang Dong Joo was brave, courageous and did not bother about the stringent rules just to save a patient. The 'old' Kang Dong Joo was the doctor that he trying to be. I could not help but wonder if the 'old' Kang Dong Joo met Teacher Kim, they would have liked each other so much.

In contrast, the 'new' Kang Dong Joo was a doctor who cared more about his position in the hospital rather than saving patients. He cared more about his reputation being negatively affected rather than saving patients, which he was not someone like that in the past.

I hope Teacher Kim would change him to be the 'old' Kang Dong Joo. And I will be anticipating this change to happen.

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