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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 6

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  • Aired: November 22, 2016

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Episode 6 Reviews

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Nov 23, 2016

Plot thickening but... lacking in logic

I enjoyed watching this episode but there are just some issues that are bothering me. Let me start with a brief summary of the plot.

This episode opens with a flashback to Seo Jung's childhood. In her late mother's will, she was asked to find Dr. Do, the then Vice President of the Geodae Hospital, as he would take care of her. It was the first time that they met, and Seo Jung asked, " Ahjusshi, are you my father?" We did not hear the answer.

We returned to the present day, where Kang Dong Joo was introducing Do In Beom to Seo Jung, and when he mentioned "President Do's son", we could see Seo Jung's eyes lighting up and said that it had been a long time since they met. There was another flashback which shows President Do bringing Seo Jung to his house and introducing Do In Beom to her, and asking him to call her "Noona". Although it was evident that Do In Beom had a similar flashback when she dropped to informal speech when she talked to him, he pretended that he did not know who she is. Dong Joo was surprised that they knew each other before, and he was jealous at Do In Beom and asked if they met each other during a matchmaking session. It was cute.

After that, he met the head of General Surgery in Geodae Hospital, Dr. Song Hong Cheol, and he was 'forced' to have lunch with him and his senior. He had a talk with Teacher Kim prior to meeting Kang Dong Joo. He told Teacher Kim that Chairman Shin was actually the Chairman of Geodae Hospital too. He was trying to persuade Teacher Kim not to take up the Chairman's surgery by saying that President Do would do anything to disallow him taking on the case. Teacher Kim was not at all persuaded and waved him off with using an excuse of their flaws that he wanted to have status and he could do so by operating on the Chairman. He then left to visit Dr. Nam.

Do In Beom left by taking a taxi to Seoul. Kang Dong Joo left with Dr. Song Hong Cheol and his senior. Kim Sabu left too. Therefore, there was no doctor in the emergency room except for Seo Jung who was not supposed to perform duties as a doctor. They did not realise that at that moment because there was a patient's brother who quarreled with Nurse Oh and looking down on both Nurse Oh and Seo Jung. He was screaming at them that he wanted to transfer his brother to a hospital in Seoul and he had close friends in the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He demanded to see a 'real' doctor despite Seo Jung told him that she was a doctor but he did not acknowledge a female as a doctor and called her "Miss" instead of "Doctor". He then proceeded to push Nurse Oh and screamed disrespectfully at her. Nurse Oh blew her top and told him to call his friend. He was stunned and was being shunned off.

When they realised that there was no doctors in the emergency room, they began to call Teacher Kim and Kang Dong Joo frantically. Teacher Kim did not bring his phone out while Kang Dong Joo's phone was in his coat which he hanged it on a coat hanger. Suddenly, an emergency patient was rushed in and he was Do In Beom's taxi driver. Do In Beom told Seo Jung and the nurses that his taxi driver had a sudden collapse, which was why he returned to Doldam Hospital. Seo Jung was unsure if she should help the patient because of her 'disqualification' as a doctor from Teacher Kim. Do In Beom was anxious and asked if Seo Jung was a doctor because she was not doing anything.

When Kang Dong Joo was having the lunch with Song Hong Cheol, Song Hong Cheol was badmouthing Teacher Kim and said that he was a murderer who killed his own student and was a psychopath. He then said that he was worried about Kang Dong Joo's life when he said that he wanted to be taught by Teacher Kim. Kang Dong Joo seemed to be wavered by his words. He asked to leave for work and when he checked his handphone, he saw 13 missed calls. He knew something was up and he called back immediately. Seo Jung demanded for him to return in 10 minutes but he could only make it back in 30 minutes. He then told Seo Jung to proceed while waiting for him because she specialised in ER anyway.

Seo Jung was debating with herself when she decided that the patient's life was more important. She then called out orders. The patient had a cardiac arrest and she asked Do In Beom for help to do the chest compressions since she injured her wrist. Although he looked reluctant, he still did it, and they managed to bring back the heartbeat. However, they realised a greater problem. The patient required a surgery or else he would die. Do In Beom offered to help because the only two surgeons in Doldam Hospital could not be reached and he was the only surgeon available at that moment. Nurse Oh tried to stop him by saying that it was against regulations. Seo Jung gave a nod to Nurse Oh which indicated her permission.

Teacher Kim went to find Chairman Shin and demanded for more up-to-date medical devices because he only knew Chairman Shin was also the chairman of Geodae Hospital. After Teacher Kim left, the General Manager of the casino followed him and gave him the documents stating President Do's plans regarding the Doldam Hospital. He read the documents in Dr. Nam's restaurant when Dr. Nam received the call from Doldam Hospital for him to help out in a surgery. He thought that it was Kang Dong Joo who was operating because if Teacher Kim was in the restaurant, it must be Kang Dong Joo who would take up the surgery, logically.

When Kang Dong Joo was rushing back to Doldam Hospital, an old lady stopped his taxi because her husband was injured. He was stuck in that situation because as a doctor, he could not possibly not help out her badly injured husband. He noticed that the injured husband had a pelvic bone fracture, which he used the technique as demonstrated by Teacher Kim in Episode 4 which was to use a cloth and twist the pelvic bone. He called Seo Jung back and was surprised that they were going to start the operation first, and was more surprised when he heard Do In Beom's voice.

Chairman Shin requested to meet President Do to tell him to acquire the items listed by Teacher Kim. He was unhappy because Chairman Shin did not change his mind about Teacher Kim being his doctor. He tried to convince Chairman Shin to change by saying that Teacher Kim was expelled by the industry because of his unethical behaviour so it would be dangerous for Chairman Shin to entrust his life to him. Chairman Shin was angry and demanded President Do to follow his orders.

President Do was extremely mad at the whole situation and he wanted to meet Teacher Kim immediately so he went to Doldam Hospital immediately. He chewed it out at Song Hong Cheol and told him to return to Doldam Hospital because he would be there.

Kang Dong Joo managed to rush to the surgery room and when he almost wanted to push open the door, he was shocked to see Teacher Kim preparing to enter the surgery room as well. Teacher Kim was equally surprised and asked if he was not the one inside doing the surgery then who else was doing the surgery. Teacher Kim went into the surgery room ad asked for Do In Beom's identity. He was pretty satisfied at Do In Beom's skills.

When the surgery ended, he wanted to see both of them and told Kang Dong Joo to follow up on his patient. When the three of them were walking to his room, they met President Do and Song Hong Cheol at the corridor. President Do was surprised to see Seo Jung and Do In Beom cladded in surgery clothes. Teacher Kim was surprised when he heard Do In Beom calling President Do "Father". Teacher Kim then told President Do that his son just operated on a patient without the his consent. Seo Jung tried to take up the responsibility by lying that she was the one who asked for Do In Beom's help. President Do then screamed at Do In Beom for doing such stuff.

Teacher Kim told them that they would receive punishment, especially Do in Beom, when he was an unauthorised surgeon in the hospital. He then asked for the truth regarding who was the one who first suggested to help or to see for help. Both Do In Beom and Seo Jung were fighting over the ownership of the issue. Teacher Kim then told Seo Jung that as an orderly, she should not be the one giving orders. Seo Jung admitted that as an orderly, she should not be doing such stuff so she apologised for her mistakes. She apologised again saying that she would do it again even if the same situation occurred again. She then said that it did not matter if Teacher Kim acknowledged her as a doctor, she IS a doctor. Teacher Kim was then called to the meeting with President Do and President Yoo (head of Doldam Hospital). Seo Jung immediately regretted talking back to Teacher Kim while Do in Beom looked at Seo Jung with a confused look.

In the meeting with President Do, Teacher Kim questioned him regarding his plan to convert Doldam Hospital into a sanctuarium (that was what the subtitles said, I thought I heard 'elderly care home' in Korean). Teacher Kim was furious because Doldam Hospital was situated next to five highways and there were many people passing by with a lot of traffic accidents happening. If Doldam Hospital was converted, then these potential patients would have nowhere to seek for immediate help. He then said that he would make a fuss out of Do In Beom case for doing an operation while being unauthorised. Presdient Do then asked him what did he want. He said he wanted the up-to-date medical devices as well as his son, and he could teach his son the medical skills. Naturally, President Do was angry. Seo Jung was waiting for him at the entrance of the hospital and he told her that he was disappointed in her. In her flashback, President Do asked her what was her dream and she said 'doctor', but it was not her real dream. Her real dream was to be acknowledged by President Do. After President Do walked out of the hospital, he then slapped Do In Beom who was waiting outside, calling him a fool, and left in a car without him.

There was a starving patient in Episode 5. It was revealed that she was a Chinese national who could not write Hangul but was able to converse in basic Korean. She looked smitten by Kang Dong Joo as he looked charismatic when he was giving orders to save the patients. However, Nurse Park looked more interested in her. The Chinese national requested to pay off her medical bills by doing odd jobs in the hospital as she did not have money. The underlying reason should be her wanting to see more of Kang Dong Joo.

Kang Dong Joo was calling different hospitals for their help to have an orthopedic doctor taking on the his patient because no one in Doldam Hospital was qualified to do so. However, all he received was rejections. His tone was unfriendly and impatient. When he was calling the next hospital. Teacher Kim took over and made a call to a doctor and he seemed to be familiar with the telephone number. The doctor on the line agreed to take in the patient immediately, and in the next moment, they were sending the patient on a medical helicopter for help.

Teacher Kim asked Kang Dong Joo to check if he was present in the hospital before leaving in the future, and he would do the same too. Kang Dong Joo asked what would happen to Seo Jung and Teacher Kim told him that she was 'okay'.

Teacher Kim then went to drink in Dr. Nam's restaurant. Nurse Oh went to join him (and she knew what was the dinner dish supposed to be) in leather jackets and dangling earrings. Teacher Kim then told them about Seo Jung telling her feelings regarding his decisions for the first time. Teacher Kim looked impressed and Nurse Oh told him that she knew Seo Jung was not weak.

Nurse Park was going back home from work when he saw the Chinese national mopping the floor. He gave her a chocolate bar and he would see her tomorrow. After Nurse Park left, Kang Dong Joo walked in and did not notice the Chinese national. However, the Chinese national was abashed and blushing just by the sight of him.

Kang Dong Joo then returned to the doctors room, and saw Seo Jung sleeping on top of a pile of medical books. He covered her with his white coat, and then sat opposite her, touching her injured wrist and then holding her right hand. He then looked at her sleeping face with affection, and slept in this manner.

Do In Beom did not return to Seoul after the slap. He was sitting at the bus stop for hours. He did not board the bus when it arrived. President Do was pondering about Teacher Kim's offer alone in his office.

In the next morning (which I don't think so because all of their clothes were different even though they slept in the hospital), Gi Tae (administrative officer) was finding Teacher Kim. After he found him lying on one of the ER beds, he told him that they had an emergency. Teacher Kim thought that it was a medical emergency and asked for vitals. It was not.

Geodae Hospital dispatched a group of doctors to Doldam Hiospital, consisting of Song Hong Cheol, Do In Beom, the senior and a few nurses. And the episode ended.

I enjoy how we get to know more about each character, especially Seo Jung. In episode 1, Seo Jung looked at President Do and his group of followers but did not receive any recognition from the doctors in that group. I thought she wanted recognition from her then boyfriend, Moon Tae Hwa, but it was actually President Do. We also get to know that Do In Beom was not as bad as we thought he would be, as President Do's son. He might not be that respectful but he was a good doctor (at least better than his father or Song Hong Cheol, or even Kang Dong Joo).

However, this episode revealed some illogical parts. It did not make sense for such an experienced doctor to forget his handphone when he was leaving the hospital. Isn't it being contactable expected from a doctor leaving the hospital without informing anyone? I thought doctors were supposed to be paged and reported immediately to their respective stations. I did not think it is reasonable for Teacher Kim to forget his handphone. It was just an irresponsible act. Also, if they could not reach Teacher Kim, they should try to guess where he went, such as Dr. Nam's place, and called Dr. Nam to check if Teacher Kim was there.

The ending with Geodae Hospital dispatching a group of doctors and nurses to Doldam hospital just did not make sense. Who would then be present in Geodae Hospital to operate on patients since the Head of General Surgery and one of the rising doctors in the department were dispatched to the hospital? Also, won't Doldam Hospital be overstaffed at this point with so many medical personnel? In Episode 2, we saw how empty Doldam Hospital could get. It just did not make sense for a business-minded President Do to dispatch so many of his money making machines to a small and rural hospital just to bring Teacher Kim down. IT JUST DID NOT MAKE ANY SINGLE SENSE. Yes, I understand that Teacher Kim was a threat to him but he would be harming his main hospital's profits by doing so. His hospital might be understaffed.

I think I can predict how the plot is heading towards which was not what I really wanted. From the next episode onwards, there would be a lot of characters in Doldam Hospital. I was attracted to this drama because of the difficult ethical dilemma that our leads faced. However, now that with so many characters, it would be difficult to focus on the medical aspect. The drama will take a turn towards the political aspect of the power and status. However, I still harbour some hopes in watching our Kang Dong Joo's growth as a doctor. It seemed like Teacher Kim was more satisfied with Do In Beom that Kang Dong Joo because of his skills. I wondered how Kang Dong Joo would 'win'. AND PLEASE DO NOT WAVER BY SONG HONG CHEOL'S WORDS.

P.S. When I saw the ending scene, it reminded me of Descendants of the Sun.

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