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  • Drama: Surgeons
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 44
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Network: BTV
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Genres: Romance, Medical
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 8.5 (scored by 424 users)
  • Ranked: #164
  • Popularity: #1686
  • Members: 1,293
In both the doctors have a complicated childhood. Their childhood influence in their medical careers and personal life.

PS:the surgeries and medical cases are amazing
Recommended by Jeh
-In both dramas the protagonists have a parent who dies in a hospital with many doctors who care more about research and money. They grow up, change name and go back to the same hospital to look for justice.

-In Surgeons the main point is not the revenge. If you really want a story about revenge in hospital, watch "Alice no Toge".

-In "Alice" the protagonist takes down each one of the nurses and doctors involved!
Recommended by dhaliahn
Golden Time and Surgeons are on the same line for me...very realistic with great acting...actually Golden Time is a lot more detailed but Surgeons had a satisfying romance element...if you like one you should definitely check the other.
Recommended by Ginger
Both are stories about medicine and particurlarly surgery. Despite the difference about the summary , you surely will like it too! Both dramas are played with great and charismatics actors!
Recommended by MissHoly
The vibe is similar in both dramas as both main guys are looking for answers to the past.
Recommended by Rebecca
8.1 Grow Up (2015)
A medical drama that also stars Bai Bai He. I got the deja vu feeling when I learnt Bai Bai He was going to act in Surgeons. I can't remember if I finished Grow Up, but from what I can remember I think it was at the very least decent. Not much similarities in term of plot except for its setting, but most medical dramas are just romance stories coated with the background of this occupation anyway.

You may like it if you are more into Chinese dramas. This one should have more parallels with Surgeons compared to other recommendations really.
Recommended by anopinion
7.9 Doctors (2016)
Both are about doctors who lernt this profession when thinking of understanding a medical error of the past and who are going to certains hospital when hoping to discover information. Both have romance aspect and difficulty between differents doctors and hospital director. It's seems like there is an interesting but complex plot for surgeons but the 2 dramas looks like they are nearly about the same type of stories. Maybe less about romance for surgeons and with a different type of surgery than in doctors.
Recommended by MelimeloAsiafan
Both are about doctors, even if the stories are differents with one being more on political aspect than the others. There is a competition between doctors and hospital's director who have secrets in both, witch is really interesting I think.
Recommended by MelimeloAsiafan