The Liar and His Lover Episode 1

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Feb 27, 2018

Three Stars

Couldn't get past the first episode because of the female lead. She's adorable and a lot of the episode I was all for her but there two scenes that really turned me off and I just didn't really care to see what happened to her--although I do feel for the boys in the band she's in and hope their (and her dreams) come true. I never had a problem with youth dramas before but I found that the scenes that I didn't like with the lead actress were ones where I viewed her as acting very immature or overly dramatic--ie. declaring her love for this guy based on staring at his face for 5 minutes in the park. I also didn't like that she messed up both of the band try outs for the band and felt more for the boys that had their hopes on her than I did for her--and I know the Show obviously wanted to see her plight and vulnerability and feel for what she's going through---but I was just annoyed that for the second time in one episode she busted a tryout and the boys just had to walk away. And then the only reason she could muster courage to sign--was because this guy she's convinced she's in love with was leaving? Sorry, she really is adorable and I'll look forward to her new dramas but I just didn't care much for the character at that point.

Gave the episode itself 3 stars because everything else was pretty great--but what can I say if I can't get behind one both of the leads then the drama isn't worth it for me.

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Mar 23, 2017

Rough start, but very enjoyable.

Rough start, but very enjoyable. I do believe that this will be very enjoyable for me. It also doesn't hurt how happy I am to see Lee Hyun Woo again! I truly loved him in To the Beautiful You. With Joy (of Red Velvet) really bringing the Joy to her character So Rim (I know, I know I went there) I think they'll be a great pair!

Overall I think this first episode could have done a better job at bringing the story together, but the basics are given. It was enjoyable.

I really loved the flash dance/band performance to confess ones feelings. (Though I felt so bad for the confessor!) Not as bad as the girl who got the flowers taken away after she picked them up! Poor girls.

Oh, and the fanservice tease has already began! Han Kyeol dancing and taking off his shirt, but we didn't get a body shot. ^_- They're playing the fans already.

Overall a fun start. I'm very curious as to how much the Crude Play member will be part of the story and such. I do like the basic concept and think this could be another great music drama. I really like how all the cast members play off each other in this first episode and expect great things later on down the line.

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