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Kuzu no Honkai Episode 7

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Kuzu no Honkai Episode 7 by joannesmith 1 749
Mar 15, 2017

Kuzu no Honkai Episode 7 Reviews

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Mar 18, 2017

Basically a bunch of messed up people found each other.

Basically a bunch of messed up people found each other. Most not knowing the difference between lust or love. Not realizing you can't have someone if you never tell them about your feelings. But mainly a bunch of lusty people who don't know how to recognize love because they haven't experienced it. In short a bunch of people jumping off the deep end because they don't have enough experience in life. Some just straight up crazy. (Akane.)

I did like a lot of the imagery. Such as Hanna closing the door on part of herself as she steps out into the new world view. Not to mention Ebato leading her there. So odd.

Enter annoying anime pigtail girl. I had no idea that they existed in dramaland. Though this is a manga based drama, so I guess that can cross over. Looks like little sister pigtails may actually get in on the action instead of pining from affair so that's different.

In the end this show is a mess, with crazy characters. At times it pulls on relatable issues such as losing out on the person you love and dealing with loneliness. Now it's just entering a crazy mindset that I hope no one ever goes. Who knew the darker side of youth and exploration of lust . . . without love. Eek.

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