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Kuzu no Honkai Episode 8

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Mar 15, 2017

Kuzu no Honkai Episode 8 Reviews

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Mar 19, 2017

I found this epiosde boring.

I found this episode boring. It was right on the cusp of emotional brilliance, but I felt like it didn't quite reach what I wanted.

That said I love the face offs between Hana and her conscience. Or "other selves". I feel like we get a taste of her devil and angel sides all at once.

It's also interesting to find Mugi more interested in Hana as she takes a step to becoming Akane. If you think about it that's what's happening. Mugi knows Akane is a man eater and that's apparently his type. Hana has taken this freaking little journey in response to Akane winning over Big Brother. She wants to become the woman that has stolen the man she desires.

I feel like these too should have realized they like each other.

Though I do have to give this episode points for pushing them in the right direction. Simply confess and move on one way or another.

I felt like too much time was spent on the pigtailed girl. It showed that Mugi may be a bit better than Hana that he turned her down. Though she was just a silly tangent that wasted an episode.

Overall I'm curious if the confessions will just be over with, or turn into a poop storm of awesome and glorious messed-up-ness. Bring it.

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Mar 18, 2017

Four Stars

Every time I think they'll finally realize they have feelings for each other, someone else interferes. It's frustrating. Other than that, good episode.
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