Ikemen Desu Ne



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It is the same plot. This Korean version is the best out the three shows (Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese). By best I mean-- it's a "romantic" "comedy" and if you have not watched any version-- the Korean one is the funniest one. The Taiwanese one is sweet too because of Jiro Wang. The Japanese version is too abbreviated, not allowing enough time for all funny moments.
Recommended by garabatos
Both these dramas have the basic story line of a girl dressing up as a boy to help someone dear to them. In this case the girl is joining a boy band and she struggles with keeping her identity hidden while she's trying to get close to that one special guy. Both dramas are reverse harem ( a lot of boys falling for one girl), and they both bring up the topic of being unsure of your sexuality.

This is a japanese remake of the korean drama "You're beautiful"
Recommended by RandomShell
It's the same plot as in "You're Beautiful (K-drama)", but in Taiwanese. Both have the same set up where a twin girl had to dress up as a boy to substitute for her brother.
Recommended by nana858
in both dramas, both female leads have to keep their identity a secret and both girls are surrounded by boys that they learn to cope with
Recommended by Misaki
all involve cross dressing which leads to a cute love story
Recommended by bluegrl95
Basically the same plot. Girl dressing as a boy singer. He's the woman is old school but still very entertaining.
Recommended by bakakokoro
Both of these dramas are about girls who disguise themselves as guys. Nail Shop Paris has the same feel as Ikemen Desu Ne.
Recommended by TPixie_12
Both are gender-bender dramas set in the music industry.
- Sompong Non Somchai is a lakorn, meaning a drama from thailand. It's about two girls forced to work for a music company as spys for the police. They have to dress up as men to pass off as male dancers.
- Ikemen Desu Ne is a japanese drama about a girl posing as her brother, who is A*N*Jell group new singer. Remake of the kdrama You're Beautiful.
Recommended by nastou19