Are You Human Too?



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Both of the stories are about robot. Like the lead role of are you human too, lead actor of I am not a robot belongs to rich family
Recommended by Tmahi
Both drama stars Gong Seung Yeon. "Circle" presents an alien and "Are You Human Too" presents robot. Other similarities include a more serious approach to sci-fi which is very unique to Kdramas and the cloning subject.
Recommended by Orangekitty
It's also about family creating android to replace their son.
Recommended by cynthia
Both dramas are about a person being replaced by other of the same appearance but with a really different personality.
Recommended by RufoSeverino
Simply because the robot is basically a clone of the main character.
Like in Duel Sung Hoon and Sung Joon are clones.
Recommended by Halsyeon
I do not think that the story is similar...just the robot theme is what makes them the "same".
I think another similarity would be that both female leads loved their robot boyfriends like a human male. The robot boyfriends are both caring, handsome and dreamy as well...Like, both actors who played the roles have a perfect body and face. And the attitudes towards the female lead is very superb as well. Makes you want to ask where you can buy such "robots"...
Recommended by pinkvanilla
The male lead has to pretend everything is allright so he can lead the company.
The male lead is cute and nice.
No robots though.
Recommended by tataa77
Both have the lookalike takes the place of the original one trope.
But are you human too? Has a robot
and I imagine your honor has his twin brother
Recommended by Sami
In both, a lookalike impersonates the "original". In School 2015, it's a twin sister, in Are You Human Too, it's a robot.
Recommended by Choi Yoon is my life
Romance between a human and non human. Both have comedy and romance. Both are good dramas...............................
Recommended by Irusu
A robot named Annie started to understand the meaning of love and friendship. She eventually became a part of a family.
Recommended by Tmahi
A drama about a school boy A Zhai. He's in love with the most beautiful girl in school, Penny. He is unable to confess his love so he brought a robot. Accidently he set the robot as Penny's ideal type instead of programming it to be Penny herself. He reorder a female robot.
But everything became complicated when the female robot started to like the male robot.
Recommended by Tmahi
It's the second season of My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. It's a mood enlightening drama with a cute cast
Recommended by Tmahi
They are both about creating a cyborg for their personal needs, and the cyborgs living normal lives.
Recommended by prettytin
In both dramas ML can't feel emotions and it's the important thing that influences the plot. FL in these dramas are kindhearted, brave, independent and they fall in love with ML despite his differences and try to help ML.
Recommended by Kdramalover203