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In both dramas ML can't feel emotions and it's the important thing that influences the plot. FL in these dramas are kindhearted, brave, independent and they fall in love with ML despite his differences and try to help ML.
Recommended by Kdramalover203
The setting and atmosphere of two dramas are alike. Both contains action scenes and involved large company frauds. In "Healer", the male lead hides his real identity and pretend as someone to get the job done. In "Are You Human Too", a robot pretends to be the chaebol who is in a comatose to save his inheritance. Both use likely high technology equipment / gadgets in their mission.
Recommended by Orangekitty
A robot and a human fall in... love?
These dramas challenge our idea of what makes a human a human, and what true love is.
Recommended by Emily
The premise for both titles is the same: a human woman finds herself falling in love with a male humanoid robot, a machine.
Recommended by Rebekah
In both dramas, the actor has done great job of playing 2 different people/personalities. I got the same feeling that is actually two different people
Recommended by amrutap
At first sight,those 2 don't have much in common.But,the doppelganger/robot clone is evident in both.When watching Crowned Clown,I get a similar feeling I got from Are You Human Too.Both shows have a "bad" and a good character played by the same person,complicated family history,people helping the good character adjust and genuinely caring for the "bad" character too.The attempt to survive in different settings due to identity switching in order to protect someone is also part of both dramas.
Recommended by Kyuubi
Obviously the similarity is about the theme, a robot. Apparently the male protagonist is an actual robot and falls in love with a human girl.
Recommended by thesunsetlimited
Both main leads have connection to a technology. A. I. love you isn't so intense as Are You Human Too? But it is possible to find connection between both productions.
Recommended by kiko
Similar vibes about a robot falling in love with a human
Recommended by clandestine00