Stairway to Heaven



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I am surprised no other recommendations for this. If you preferred the love story when they were younger but not of the main leads but girl with the step brother than this is the drama for you.i watched tree of heaven first so I didn't get the connection but I think tree of heaven was made with these 2 specific characters in mind or maybe they wanted this actress and actor they did have great chemistry in stairway to heaven. The younger couple. And tree of heaven was released 3 yrs later.. ..Both just tearjerkers. Oops ok I just saw others did recognize the 2 drama similarities.
Recommended by mali
Both dramas have very similar stories. They both involve childhood, separation, reunion, and rival partners.
Recommended by disthymia
They both have the same lead actress. They both involve a "tragedy", a loss of memory, and the rekindling and rediscovery of an old relationship.
Recommended by disthymia
Both are moving love stories. Precious Time is especiallylly realistic and stars Kaneshiro Takeshi, the hot actor in Red Cliff and House of Flying Daggers. Don't miss it!
Recommended by pattyrn4
Both series have the same feel in how they are directed. Both female leads experience a crash scene in where they both loose their memory. Personally, Stairway to Heaven was more of a tear jerker for me, but both series are amazing melodramas.
Recommended by Mykim Le
The two series are alike when it comes to the relationships between the family members. In both the girl has to suffer the bulling from her step-mother and step-sister. Also both girls seem to like the same man.
Recommended by claudya87
The plot of both these dramas is almost the same, except that there is no scheming stepsister in the Chinese version and it is set in an entertainment world.
Recommended by Ceki
Recommended by Marooya
Same main Leads, the Chemistry between them is of the charts in any common roles they share, no need to say that Stairway to Heaven is the utmost classic tragedy, However carries the same sweetness in the love story as Temptation. Enjoy watching the Younger version of the leads in Stairway to Heaven and the adult version and chemistry of their scenes in Temptation..
Recommended by jasy2082
Both drama are about a girl who lives happily with her father until he remarries with an evil stepmother who has an evil daughter and who make the young girl's life a living hell.
Though in Cinderella's sister, it's about the stepsister who's not that evil
Recommended by Vico SDL