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Jul 15, 2012

Superb handling of conflicts

I never get tired of saying how much I love this drama! ^-^ Haha I discover new things I like about it with each episode I watch. What I appreciate the most about it so far is how they don't go in too deep with the conflicts. Having watched Secret Garden and Baby-faced Beauty, both having crazy mothers or jealous women, I flinch everytime similar scenes appear in here. When she received phone calls from both those moms I was thinking "No no no please don't create a big mess out of this!" But thankfully No Eun Seol is not a pushover and this show can handle conflictual situations superbly! I'm really adoring it for this!

I'm also starting to like Mu Won & No Eun Seol more and more... I don't know how that's possible, but there's great chemistry between both "couples". When I see her with Ji Heon I think they're so cute together and when I see her with Mu Won I think they're so fit for each other and look great together. I really wouldn't mind whoever she ends up with. Lucky girl, really...

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