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Jul 16, 2012

A dash of seriousness

I loved this episode! If it wasn't for the ending, this would've actually been my favourite episode. I don't even know where to start XD What scene should I praise first for it's hilariousness?

The fight in the restaurant - omg to see Mu Won behave like that was the funniest thing ever! "Don't bite, don't bite!" lmao that fight was epic XD

Then that dinner scene - I couldn't help but crack up when Mu Won kept offering food to Ji Heon XD the look on his face was priceless. And then the pillow fight. These two have got to be the most adorable male leads I've ever seen. At times I was more interested in seeing these two bicker than an actual romantic moment between them and No Eun Seol. They're just that amazing! XD

Also the way she kept trying to reply to Mu Won's confession but he kept running away while that other guy was always somewhere nearby creepily watching them XD everything was way too funny in this episode! XD I couldn't stop laughing! Even that poor woman, Na Yoon (gosh I still have problems remembering her name), made me laugh at one point: "blahblahblah company matters blahblahblah" then suddenly "Does it seem like I have a problem?" lol I could answer that... how can you ask your employees that?! I really feel sorry for her.

And once again, I have to mention, the music is amazing. Purely outstanding. It brings out the best in each scene.

But I really have a bad feeling about the ending of this episode. :/ I feel bad for both these guys. I hate that Ji Heon's father is trying to separate them, but I'd also hate to see Mu Won rejected again. I knew this would happen, since she's not supposed to end up with him, but I wish they could have held onto that fantasy for a bit longer. I really liked the chemistry between them, I wanted to see more cute scenes of them. After all, he only just confessed! It's so unfair for him :( But this clearly looks like one of those decisive moments when she'll reject him for real. My only hope for this fantasy relationship to continue a bit more lies in the fact that this show is very unpredictable. It's the first in a while to have surprised me almost all the time. So maybe they'll add a twist to still keep those two going.

OMG I didn't realize I typed that much! This episode really had a strong effect on me XD

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