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Same high school theme, smart boy, not so smart girl, a second male lead that makes us have second thoughts, kkkkk. This two dramas are amazing, they make our heart skip beats.
Recommended by Susane Alves
Both dramas are situated in the late 90s/early 00s and they both give the same vibes. If you like one of these dramas, you won't regret watching the other :)
Recommended by BLynn
These 2 dramas are very similar in their styles though one takes place in South Korea, the other in China. They also bring up pop culture references. And each character has a struggle. Though in When We Were Young, they focus more on the every day life struggles, like getting into college, money, parents, etc. Oh and there is a love triangle but like the Reply series, they don't make it clear until the very end. So let your shipping begin!!!

Recommended by soccerstarz502
Slice of life drama about friendship, family, and cute romance.
Recommended by nova soraya
Both dramas are about youth, friendship, and growing up. They both do a beautiful job of focusing on the things that we come to realize as we get older and the pressures and difficulties that we have to face, as well as truly capturing the feeling of being young.
Recommended by Mars
although WWWY is more high school centred and PYHOMS is more college-ish centred both dramas have a smart male lead that does pretty well in school. In both the dramas the female lead has a childhood friend and in which the male lead also comes into the picture which causes a love triangle between the three of them. Both dramas also have friend group that goes out and hangs out together and both shows also portray the school/college life pretty well.
Recommended by Melanie
Both have the same genres of romance, friendship, school life, set in the 90’s, teen, coming-of-age, slice of life
Recommended by crazypoorasian
One thing for sure that a viewer will feel after watching this drama is Sepanx. I think i have to rewatched my favorite episodes throughout the week for me to to move on and accept that this drama has already ended.
Love all the cast and tgeir characters.
One thing i realized after watching this drama is that, i should have also skipped classes during my highschool life, hahahah, for sure it was also fun like them.
Recommended by Regine
Both are dramas about school life. Both damn cute <3 Both have good looking male leads, and male lead very smart. Lastly, both have romance.
Recommended by heartdr0p
EXTREMELY similar in the vibe, focus on family as well as friends/romance; wwwy does not extend to adulthood but amount of 'tragedy' and drama regarding loved ones and loss are very, very, very similar
Recommended by peeves
Females leads have trouble studying but tries their best to rank well. They're both very energetic, doesn't care what others think of them.

Males leads are very smart and tutors the female lead. They are popular among the peers and teachers because of how intelligent they are.
Recommended by Hyukfied
Both are school dramas about the importance of friendship. Both dramas have really different but interesting story,
Recommended by BLynn
Both are about childhood love, friendship,problems . They both happen in the 90s for school period. The leafs are cute and swoon worthy. Slice of life dramas
Recommended by Vaanathi
Both drama are slice of life. They both have leads who fall in love after a small dispute in the beginning. Both the leafs are so cute.
Recommended by Vaanathi