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Both dramas deal about 2 women that are divorced and go through a hard time. After a long jumping between jobs, both women end up, with the help, from in Romance is a Bonus Book, a friend, and in Cunning Single Lady, ex-husband, at a company as intern. Both have that man as their superior and keep it a secret from their coworkers.
Both stories give off such a similar vibe. Both women reminded me a lot of the other while watching the dramas.

Just one thing: please ignore the horrible synopsis of "Cunning single lady", it gives such a very bad impression, and trust me, it is completely wrong. There is by far more to the drama than what one thinks at first.
Recommended by Lou
both are noona romances, both female leads are +35 year olds with a daughter and their ex husband cheated on them. and they both also work as a "housekeeper" for the male lead...
Recommended by XingBack
The same actor in both dramas: he plays a younger boy who is in love with the girl that saved his life once. Still "I hear your voice" has some paranormal abilities like mind-reading and a lot of crimal stories in it - by this it is more engaging. Even the chemistry between the main characters is far better.
Recommended by Cassandra
- Noona romance! uwu
- Playful brother sister relationship till it becomes more
- Main Characters work in office settings
- Although the FL is older the younger ML is still the one looking after her/out for her
- both very cute and easy to watch
Recommended by anushka