Feel Good To Die



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both of them have some "supernatural" elements, one was time slip the other is body switch, and both have a sassy female lead that doesn't stay quite, and the comedy is slightly similar too...
Recommended by XingBack
Both shows:
1. Are satires. Meaning that over the top humor is used to showcase real problem in society.
2. Both feel lighthearted despite boasting complex characters who face difficult problems, decisions and consequences.
3. Characters are always held accountable for their actions.
4. FL are grow with each episode and are always actively involved in the narrative. They are charismatic, eccentric, smart, capable and strong.
5. ML are smart, successful but oblivious characters. They are mean, not because they are jerks, but because they are blunt. They hide a gentle heart behind a wall of arrogance.
6. 2ML from Legal High is much more complex and has a role outside of pining for the FL.
7. The support characters from Legal High are more varied than the ones from FGTD. But both shows have, overall, good support characters.
8. The leads bicker a lot at first but soon start finding common ground, creating a balanced and healthy partnership.
9. Antagonists come across as cartoony and are hard to take seriously. But, in the end, the flaws in the system are the real antagonists.
10. Someone wants to bring down the ML.
11. Leads work together.
12. The humor relies on the absurd.
Recommended by 3GGG
Both focus on a lot of office dynamics and changing the company to be a better business. Both are focused on becoming better people.
Recommended by StarGirl 91
Pretty similar office rom-com dramas. They have the overlapping "mean boss" and the lovable main female lead.
Recommended by Nermeen
Pretty similar office rom-com dramas. They have the overlapping "mean boss" and the lovable main female lead.
Recommended by Nermeen
In both shows:
1. FL is played by the same actress.
2. FL is very opinionated and stubborn.
3. ML doesn't know how to play politics and, as a result, they end up with a lot of enemies and no friends.
4. ML's are very capable at their jobs, though their underlings don't really feel connected to them.
5. The relationship between the leads is quite rocky at the beginning, with the ML's unable/unwilling to trust them.
6. The antagonists are quite cartoony. One of them is even played by the same actor, who has a similar role in both shows.
7. There's a lot of absurdity in both shows (the comedy is more like a parody).
8. ML is the FL's boss.
Recommended by 3GGG
I know this is a weird comparison, but it still works as a recommendation ;p
- both female leads are strong, and they are not afraid to make the 1st move.
- both male leads start off as reserved or just lonely, the female lead doesn't change them, but they change because of her (does that make sense ^^; )
- this was the drama that "healed" me after MS, it's funny and light and it's a great drama to watch after the "guns, glories and sad endings" of MS.
Recommended by XingBack
Both are office comedy dramas.
Both ML are charismatics and have good characters development. They fight villains to save the company.

A funny yet touching dramas !
Recommended by Loy
Both deal with a time loop that gets activated with a certain event happening.both lead characters undergo a lot of changes
Recommended by Arihant D
U can feel the same office aura, with our FL being belittled by her boss, and having to watch her Co workers go through a lot. She finally explodes and the journey begins
Recommended by redxxxcrimson
both are a supernatural/fantasy office romance drama, they are both super cute, light and refreshing
Recommended by XingBack
Both shows:
1. Are parodies of their genre, as such the comedy takes precedence over everything else.
2. Despite the absurdity, there's a good and heartfelt plot at its core.
3. There's a lot of character growth from the main leads.
4. Main leads establish a balanced relationship, in which they bot learn and get something from each other (rather than one having all the power).
5. FLs kick as in their own way. They don't allow anything to stop them, always take the initiative and are pretty active.
6. MLs are soft guys with a tough exterior and they trust and rely on the FL.
8. FLs have a support group of friends.
9. Antagonists/villains are over the top and slightly on the cartoony side (which adds to the hilarity).
10. There's a love triangle in both series, with a SML pinning for the FL.
Recommended by 3GGG