Sealed With A Kiss



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Main Story is almost similar written by same writer. Sealed with a kiss showed it better because it have more episode to explain the reason behind the main lead extreme reaction also it showed how female lead slowly fall in love with the main lead.
Recommended by mangamania
Both have tortured romance based on revenge. Men who become obsessed with their women. Both men also wanted to keep the FL as mistresses with their fiance/wife.
Both men also sought to keep the FL captive.
Recommended by DollHouse
Cold possesive main character in both. If you liked one, you should like the other.
Recommended by oppalover87
Possessive main male character. Strong female character. Another Hawick Lau drama with he does a great Job. Your bound to like both.
Recommended by oppalover87
Both are the dark-side of love or bittersweet love of men who use physical & mental abuse on women for revenge yet fall in love, proving all along that the 'submissive' was and remains in control of the Domme. Difference is endings - journey is similar - Thai or Chinese... BDSM is alive and well or in drama land sells ratings. Best part, both leading Dommes' are SMEXY, standard requirement for a worthy Domme.
Recommended by MysteryMel-Bookish
they give the same feeling. Though for SWAK, the drama could be heavier than for Boss & me (since Boss and Me have more fluffiness). Well, the main male leads are similar. They are both rich, handsome, and quiet. Both of the main character's relationship stems from something and that's how the guy keeps the female lead close to him.
Recommended by lifedreamerm
If you like kind a dark romance, something that's not only black & white - sometimes grey, when the male/female lead is only human and can made mistake - everyone made mistake and try to correct it, something psychological, steamy, smut and mature story. I think you can give KNH a try.
NB: there is too much of adult content, recommended for 17+ only.
Recommended by AY Hycht

The character of the man lead is similar .... both is possessive but hots ;)

-In MSRFS, Patawee make Chitchaba as a mistress and embarks on a trail of revenge.

-In SWAK,Mo Shao Qian make Tong Xue as outcast mistress and tortured her in a brutally battled love.

Recommended by Dreamer
Both drama has a possessive and abusive male lead.
(Mo Shaoqian) from SWAK Is a little kind towered the female lead and (Kawee) from SB is just very very cruel another thing is that the female lead in SB Is stronger than the other from SWAK Who`s naive and weak.
Recommended by Nadoosha