Monsta X's Puppy Day



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Sep 3, 2019
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I mean if you're here there's a strong chance that you're already a Monbebe so let's cut to the chase. We love our boys, but most of all we love seeing them having fun together (am I right?)!

Story: Do you like/love Monsta X? Do you love dogs? Do you love Wonho in sequins and curly wigs? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you will probably enjoy this particular MX variety. In all seriousness though, this was about them having fun with puppies and showcasing their collaboration with Twotuckgom for the characters and purchasable items inspired by these characters (they're pretty darned cute). And the episodes are about 10 minutes each which is a great bite size for those lacking in data (this is watchable on YouTube) and those running short of time.

Cast: Monsta X members feat. bichon frise fur children = 10 episodes of pet care, fun and people we love, loving animals! No spoilers here, but naptime is the cutest!

Music: The soundtrack is mainly Monsta X songs feat the song that they did for the show called Breathe For You, I love it, think it's great and if you haven't heard it yet, it's streamable on most platforms.

In terms of re-watchability, I can honestly say though I loved this and probably would watch it again, Monsta X-Ray and some of their other appearances have made me laugh more and hence this has a lower re-watch value for me personally. But everyone is different and this is still worth watching at least once.

Overall I rated this 9/10 because of the cheesy but necessary final episode. I'm not too interested in the Twotuckgom line but I can see how excited the guys were about it. And having it all in the final episode that it felt like an advertisement kind of cheapened their puppy day concept a little. Like we are here to play with puppies and relax but mainly to advertise this product. They gots to get paid I know but I felt like it could have been done a little more subtly. Other than that, I love and appreciate Monsta X just as I have done for years and probably years to come and am grateful that they're doing so well and got to play with these cute little pups. Puppy Day was an enjoyable watch that made a couple of really long weeks a lot better and I'm sure it will have a similar effect on most of the people who choose to watch it.

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