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Too many dramas, too little time...

One would say if they weren't a little drama potato like me (who really shouldn't have time because I have COLLEGE SCHOOL WORK TO DO).


Hey! You can call me miss-lestrudel, misslestrudel, lestrudel, M, whatever you like! Sometimes I accidentally use my real name haha so if you figure it out you can call me that too. I'm 21 but I seriously don't act like it and I've been into Kpop and Kdramas since about June 2015! My main language is English but I can speak a basic bit of Korean too.

Feel free to recommend dramas to me! I like all sorts really. Or just feel free to browse my gigantic list or add me as a friend :) You can also follow me on my kpop twitter here if you like. (I'm a multi-stan but really a full time monarmy at heart and my feed is lowkey mostly BTS djfkfkkfklk) Or you can also follow my myanimelist account here.

PS. I've been told by my friends that I rate everything way too high... I just really like most dramas T.T I also just generally feel like it's really hard to rate things so some might be too low too, agh! So take my ratings at your own risk

PPS. The "priority"s are just for my own organization so you can ignore those too.


Long List so You Know a Bit More About Me!

First Korean Drama/First Drama: Boys Over Flowers

First Japanese Drama: The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle

First Chinese Drama: Addicted Heroin

First Thai Drama: Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match

First Taiwanese Drama: HIStory: My Hero

First Korean Historical/First Historical Drama: Hwarang

First Chinese Historical Drama: Bloody Romance

First Japanese Historical Drama: Ashi Girl 

(^^technically The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle but I don't really count it because it's much more fantasy/parody/video game)

First Variety Show: Weekly Idol

50th Drama: Seventeen

First K-POP song: Machine - EXO / Dope - BTS

First Anime:  Attack On Titan

K-POP Groups/Soloists I've Seen Live:

****All in no particular order:

Top 10 Favorite Dramas (as of April 2019): 

Top 5 Favorite  Movies (as of April 2019): 

Top 5 Favorite Korean Actors (no idols bc biased): 

Top 4 Favorite Korean Actresses (no idols bc biased): 

Top 3 Favorite Japanese Actors: 

Top 3 Favorite Thai Actors: 

Top 3 Favorite Chinese Actors: 

Top 2 Favorite Kpop Groups (even though I love so many): 

  • BTS (Jin biased but of course love all of them)
  • Monsta X (bias has been switching between hyungwon, shownu, and i.m. for years idek anymore lol love em all)

Top 5 Favorite Anime (as of June 2019): 


Now you know more about me! Hope you say hello :)


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