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Faith Episode 19

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Oct 22, 2013


I really like that Gi Cheol talks about himself in this episode. It shows why he is the way he is (crazy little bastard) and what his heart desires the most. I think a lot of people can put themselves in his shoes, because everyone of us wishes for something and hopes to find his luck somewhere. His wishes to come true.
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Jan 25, 2013


okay so here's my theory I think it's true...
So this drama is called "FAITH" because she isn't from the future...she just goes back to her past which means she's been here b4 and her dream was true...Choi Young died and since they were so fated...she gets another chance to come back to her past meet him again, fall in love and saves him from dying?? Cause then all the clues will make sense..but it all comes down to the last ep of ..if the portal will open again..
anyways so happy the queen is Pregnant
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Oct 24, 2012


yayyy the queen is pregnant :D dont know why that excite me but it does lol lol. but great episodes counting down to the last wire.......
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Oct 16, 2012

Cool ending!

It was a good episode overall. Choi Young and the doctor are on run while the king is in deep trouble plus the queen disappeared (or let?s say she was trapped) right after we know that she?s pregnant.
The most important moment was the ending scene because it left me with a lot of questions even though we know the one who was leaving writings to Eun So is the future her but I think there?s more to know...
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