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Faith Episode 20

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Oct 31, 2012


lol lol lol lol love the wooldachi warriors listening in and when choi young open the door that was funny. that last scene man my heart was pounding cause they was a little bit close ;)
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Oct 19, 2012

Nice !

The episode was good overall, some nice moments and sad moments too (what happened to the queen). The look on Gi Cheol?s face when Eun So said that she?s not from heaven was really hilarious, I really like that man but I dislike the fact that he?s teaming up with that psychopath prince again?
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Oct 17, 2012


Oh my god! this episode was amazing!Seriously the king and the Queen are just ahhh...omo my heart! This episode was intense cute and sad but beautiful! i felt like a nice harmony i don't know why... but too bad, the freezer is back :( i'm afraid he'll do some shitty plane which will hurt our 2sd OTP :( ! This end was finally sweet but WHY NO PREVIEW....
too bad :( almost the end!
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Oct 16, 2012


This is the best episode yet! I haven't cried before like how I cried watching this episode. I was really sad about the queen suffering since she's pregnant and then seeing the King like that. My favorite ship in this drama /sobs. It sucks that their baby didn't make it ;-; But they are still young. Just hoping the writers don't follow the real king and queen story ;A; Ah, and the ending was so cute! Seeing her with the wondachil armor and then seeing Choi Young without showing emotions because the others were eavesdropping lol When he got near her and made that creeper smile, I couldn't stop laughing! x) Oh next week, please come soon~!

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