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the main characters are both very strong confident player boys who are looking for revenge and are willing to do anything to get it. i found both very exciting and refreshing
Recommended by yas
Both dramas involve a main male lead who is poor and who deceives the female lead for greed and personal gain.
Recommended by TheGrowlingStomach
If you loved Song Joong Ki in DOTS, you won't regret watching him in Innocent Man. It's his best performance to date.
Recommended by Fumichan
Should you give up revenge for a carefree life? Both Dramas ask this essential question. Bonus: Moon Chae Won acts in both.
Recommended by 151885
both are melodramas about complicated relationships. both about revenge and love. both very deep and sad. beautiful love stories though. amazing dramas especially if youre up for some crying
Recommended by sara_a
They both are about revenge and the main leads take the blame for what their lover's wrong doings because they can't picture their lover in jail.
Recommended by Drama_Lover
A man gives up everything for the woman he loves but she betray him and let him down. Than he seeks revenge and will bring her down with him no matter what it costs.
Recommended by real_Mokona
Both have to do with revenge and both male leads end up falling in love in the process.
Recommended by LanaDelAna
Both male leads went to prison when they were innocent and both seek a heiress to get their revenge.
Recommended by APenguinInMyNextLife
The leading man reminds me of Kang Ma-Ru;s character who atones himself of the mistake he did in the past. How he also sacrifices his life and happiness for people he loves. If you fell in love with Kang Ma-Ru you might also fell in love with Soda Ren.
Recommended by Kurisuchin Clyne
Fmale lead in my mister remind me of Male lead in Innocent Man. Both gave me the same heartache everytime I watch them. Both actor give me similar performances vibe. dark, sadness in their eyes, and wear their best mask to hide their true self. Both are memorable character for me.
Recommended by missjb21
Both are intense/ romance dramas.

Great chemistry between main couples.

Both dramas have a revenge story.

The Innocent Man drama has some best OSTs.

Good story and good ending in both dramas.
Recommended by Nishan
Male lead in innocent man take the blame and go to jail
After being released his love of life marry some one else
It's kind of same plot
Give it try using won't regret it
Recommended by Amna Sharif
I know they have different genre, bit there are still some similarities. Both main leads are innocent and had to sacrifice for their love; one is love for his lover while the other is love for his sibling. On both dramas, the male lead fell in love with the stepdaughter of their first love.
Recommended by dramaholic_piglet
There's a similar revenge mood, a woman that'll do anything for power and an other that's looking for love and affection...
Recommended by Rangadeviii