both are about transporting to a different dimension - 1 story the other different time
find love in the alternate reality while trying to navigate and return to own reality.
Recommended by vvn2154
8.5 W (2016)
Both female leads look alike and are strong and decidide,the 2 dramas are about parallel universes and they are really good romantic stories .
Recommended by Lsabogal
- The first 10 episodes of LU follows almost the exact same storyline as the whole plot of PL.
- FL in LU time travels from 2024 to 2012 and in PL she travels from 2020 to 2010
- She meets the ML in the past and they fall in love.
- The FL is older than the ML (at least in the past she travels to) and she is also mature and successful in her field. She is not in the least bit annoying.
- FL meets her younger self and they become really close (good friends).
- The FL is not able to stay in the past with the ML and has to go back to her own timeline.
- In both dramas the ML remembers the FL from 2012 and 2010 and waits 12 years in LU and 10 years in PL to meet her again.

Big difference in LU from PL:
- LU storyline focuses both on 2024 and 2012 whilst PL only focuses on 2010. In PL we get to see the leads meeting in the present and falling in love again whilst in PL we only see the present day briefly (a few minutes) where the leads meet again.
- There is also a villain in LU (whose plot. doesn't really make sense) whilst in PL there are no bad guys.
Recommended by Tasnima_329
its quite similar....
Here, FL actually time travels back and meet ML.
FL and ML meets in the real world.
Recommended by Aera
Both involve the lead meeting a younger version of themselves
Both involve some kind of time travel...…
Recommended by Tammi
If you seen the night of the omet II then you may like parallel love because of the plot that include a cross world/ parallel universe intrigue and the love story between an employee and the CEO.
Recommended by Aaliyah s dramas
Both are Chinese Parallel universe drama.
Recommended by Bittersweet Candy
Both male leads are office heads, dealing with stakeholders that are against them. The female lead is supportive and working with the male lead to fight against workplace corruption.
Recommended by yannie_alienates
FLs are older than MLs. MLs are the sons of wealthy families that run conglomerates. MLs are youthful, childish, fearless. FLs are mature, over thinking, smart.
Recommended by ChineseDramaFan
They both have FL time travel to the past. Both have romance. Someday or one day is more complex than parallel love.
Recommended by Eleanor
Parallel love is about a woman going back in time and meeting her younger self, and trying to help her cope with a break up that happened to her. She meets her ex-boyfriend again, but knows he is bad for her this time.
Recommended by MatildediShabran
Both are fantasy ,romance ,drama that take the parallel aspect well executed;while extraordinary you is school ,parallel love is about business and
the main couple is older .

Recommended by Ximenasab143
Narcissist boss. Capable personal assistant/secretary. Wealthy family. Boss falls in love with assistant but refuse to admit. Use all kinds of silly tactics to attract attention. Very funny.
Recommended by ChineseDramaFan
-Both have "time travel" trope
-In Parallel Love, FL is the time traveler. While in Love in Time, both leads are time travelers. They went back to the past and future together
Recommended by binniesm
-Both have "time travel" trope with FL as the time traveler
Recommended by binniesm
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